The Place in my Soul where I find HIM.

Lately, I have been having talks with God when I feel overwhelmed and that I can’t go on. And you know what? There is this place in my soul where I find HIM. Where He wipes away my tears and puts His hand on my lips and says “Shhhhh” when I start to tell him what a fool I’ve been. Forgetting to come to Him all those other times. I know that He wished I’d come, but that is just not how God is. He doesn’t hold past anythings over us. He just wants us to learn from our regrets and not keep making them over and over…  But today I needed an extra cup of HOPE. And so I’ve come to the place where I know I could come and He shows me that it’s not just about being angry or happy. It’s so much Bigger than that and yet so simple, He tilts my head to the place where the answer is and points. And it gives me strength that I’ve never known and I settle back and KNOW that HE is working on EVERYTHING. So I lean back into HIS Grace and understand I am in the midst of Answered prayer All I need to know is He is there and it will be okay. Cuz in the end, it always is. And I’ve survived every other time I’ve felt helpless. Because He has never failed to be in that place in my soul where I find HIM.

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Oh my WORD!

I’ve been out of commission for over a week! I basically could not edit anything! I just now, finally got back up and running. Thanks to my husband! Something updated on my computer and messed up my Microsoft Outlook so I couldn’t use my word and I am right in the middle of working on a few writing projects that I have going and this little blip halted everything!

I felt as if I was wandering around lost, in a forest of trees, only to hit a dead end on every path. And stayed lost until my sweet hubby was able to sit down on his day off, and fix whatever I did. Just in case you run into this… which it looks as if a few have… I will try to share what worked. We signed in to Microsoft and changed the password AND Wah lah! It was as simple as that! Hope that helps anyone who may have trouble signing onto Word.

I googled… “all of a sudden I can’t get on WORD.” and found a lot of the same issues but none of the solutions worked for me. Until my husband sat down and figured it out in 3 minutes! Not all HEROS wear capes!

A dead end is a GREAT place
to turn around!

Jonas Salk

My mom grew up in Seattle when the polio epidemic ran rampant. Every summer they’d close down playgrounds and movie theaters and all the moms everywhere were in a panic. My grandma tried to protect her family with a due diligence. But my mom still came down with the dreaded disease, the summer of her sixth year. She was not so fortunate and it hit her hard as she became paralyzed. The doctors told my grandma that my mom would never walk again. My grandma said her faith was bigger than that. And was determined to not believe the doctor’s. She would carry my mom down the basement stairs twice a day to place hot rags on her legs day after day, month after month! And when she moved her big toe for the first time, the doctors cried and the ones who didn’t believe in God, “did” after that and weren’t afraid to proclaim it. They’d seen so many children die and were so sure my mom would too. When she didn’t and even walked again, they called it a “miracle.

Though she had to have a bone removed from her leg and set in her back to keep it straight, and spent a few years in a wheel chair and then had to take her first steps with the help of crutches, they still never forgot the little girl with the mom who “believed.” My mom went on to walk on her own, get married, have a family and live a full life. (You can read her more detailed story below in the post WordPress attached to this one, celebrating my 100th post!) And when the first polio vaccine was available I remember her marching me down to stand in line so I could take it. Jonas Salk was only 33 when he started researching and finally developed the vaccine that has basically wiped polio off the globe.

There are subjects people should just stay away from. And I know this one is probably one of them. But I’ve known people who have died so it’s pretty personal for me. And I have also wondered a lot lately, what my mom would think of the those refusing to take the Covid Vaccine. Though she died a few years before the Pandemic hit, I am sure, without a doubt, that she would not understand their reasoning. Lets just take one state. Indiana, for instance. The reports there are roughly 98% of the cases currently being diagnosed are unvaccinated and 96% of the deaths resulting from Covid were also identified as unvaccinated.

As the Corona Virus cases rise again, there is an estimated 93 million adults that are still unvaccinated for various reasons. People who are in fear of being “sheep.” Who don’t believe things should be forced on you… Or are waiting for FDA approval or are claiming medical issues, or are “just undecided.” Or now, are waiting for the Variant vaccine so they don’t have to have a booster.

As I mentioned, I know that this is an unpopular subject and I was pretty hands off myself when it came to it. But this is ridiculous as the numbers come in and we have resources to stop it now! I usually stay away from politics and the likes… And am pretty whimsical in my approach. But I’ve been doing my research and wondering what my mom’s take on this would be and I think we all need to start being proactive. The problem is… with the world basically reopening, and people beginning to travel again and many not taking the Variant seriously, we are headed for another crisis and shut down. We can’t keep doing this! What if people in the 50s refused the polio vaccine? We’d all be in wheelchairs or not here at all to be deciding whether or not to take some vaccine that we’ve been praying for! We give our kids the chicken pox and measles vaccines and all the others such as whooping cough and mumps – And because of the Jonas Salks in the world, that came before us, ALL those diseases are wiped out. I know, that it would have been nice to have avoided the measles and chicken pox I had as a kid!

IF we come up with a cancer vaccine in the future, will those who are suspicious of this one, also refuse it? I hear that the Variant is much worse than the Covid cases and that people afflicted are begging for the vaccine from their hospital beds. But it’s too late for them.

Luckily the percentage of parents opting to not regularly immunize their children is just 0.3% And parents following an immunization schedule for their 0-17 year olds are fortunately the majority. I vaccinated my babies and they had up to date vaccinations throughout their childhood and never came down with anything remotely close to the diseases that they were being vaccinated for. I get a flu shot every year AND I was required to get one each year when I worked at a Hospital. (Imagine that! And I didn’t even think about it being a conspiracy!) I still get the flu shot every year, even now that it’s not required. And I still don’t get the flu. I haven’t had it for years. Even when my coworkers were calling in sick with it, I didn’t get it. We live in a scary world. Don’t make it more scary! Honor the Jonas Salks out there that do the research and develop the cures. PLEASE…. Get your immunization and wear a mask so we don’t have to wear them tomorrow!