I’ve been out of commission for over a week! I basically could not edit anything! I just now, finally got back up and running. Thanks to my husband! Something updated on my computer and messed up my Microsoft Outlook so I couldn’t use my word and I am right in the middle of working on a few writing projects that I have going and this little blip halted everything!

I felt as if I was wandering around lost, in a forest of trees, only to hit a dead end on every path. And stayed lost until my sweet hubby was able to sit down on his day off, and fix whatever I did. Just in case you run into this… which it looks as if a few have… I will try to share what worked. We signed in to Microsoft and changed the password AND Wah lah! It was as simple as that! Hope that helps anyone who may have trouble signing onto Word.

I googled… “all of a sudden I can’t get on WORD.” and found a lot of the same issues but none of the solutions worked for me. Until my husband sat down and figured it out in 3 minutes! Not all HEROS wear capes!

A dead end is a GREAT place
to turn around!

4 thoughts on “Oh my WORD!

  1. I know the struggle. You will get through it. It’s something else ! Life Is a challenge and I’m going through the most difficult ever. You can do it!


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