Lately, I have been having talks with God when I feel overwhelmed and that I can’t go on. And you know what? There is this place in my soul where I find HIM. Where He wipes away my tears and puts His hand on my lips and says “Shhhhh” when I start to tell him what a fool I’ve been. Forgetting to come to Him all those other times. I know that He wished I’d come, but that is just not how God is. He doesn’t hold past anythings over us. He just wants us to learn from our regrets and not keep making them over and over…  But today I needed an extra cup of HOPE. And so I’ve come to the place where I know I could come and He shows me that it’s not just about being angry or happy. It’s so much Bigger than that and yet so simple, He tilts my head to the place where the answer is and points. And it gives me strength that I’ve never known and I settle back and KNOW that HE is working on EVERYTHING. So I lean back into HIS Grace and understand I am in the midst of Answered prayer All I need to know is He is there and it will be okay. Cuz in the end, it always is. And I’ve survived every other time I’ve felt helpless. Because He has never failed to be in that place in my soul where I find HIM.

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3 thoughts on “The Place in my Soul where I find HIM.

  1. ” Jesus is always within our souls and fills our hearts with the warmth of his blood”

    ” to truly feel the love of Jesus within you, we need faith in ourselves and him, so we can always have hope moving foward on this journey”

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