just let go and believe in the process

I have decided to take your advice… those of you who told me just write everyday whether you feel inspired or blocked. Just do it! So I hope you guys don’t get tired of me but here I go….

Think back when you were a kid. You had the whole world to look forward to. Every day was new and ready to be filled with memories we didn’t even know we were making. I remember summers with my cousin. She told me that I turned everything into an adventure. I love that. I remember that feeling. I had a pretty great imagination and she was a willing member in my audience. Those summers were magical. Our grandma’s backyard was our world and as we grew older we were allowed to walk to the store and sometimes during those walks, we’d sneak to the lake that was just a few blocks away. We made up stories of what the abandoned buildings might have been. Or maybe I told her my versions and she hung on to every word. I think that is when I really began writing. I’d make an empty building into an old boarding school for girls and describe their lives there. Or an old boarded up house on the corner haunted. And of course our grandparent’s basement was a resting place for some old limb or other body part that would come alive as we screamed running up the stairs!

If only I could find that imagination again. That part of me that kept us entertained all summer long! like putting one foot in front of the other, it is really just writing one word after the other until it turns into an adventure to find that story teller in me again!

Thank you for inspiring me to remember the magic.


10 thoughts on “One word after the other

  1. Thank you for following your friends’ advice, Diane, to write something every day. It’s inspiring to read a little something about you every day.

    1. Really? Thank you! I was hoping I wasn’t bombarding everyone. But you are right, the advice was what I needed even if no one reads. But it’s always a sweet extra when friends like you pop back in!

      1. Not at all, Diane. Nice to hear what’s going on with others, like you, and feel connected. Also, good to see you’re still around. Like that you’ve hung in there.

        1. This is like coming home. I too need the connection and am happy to see who is still here. This last couple of years have been scary.
          I hope those who aren’t here are just taking a break! Glad when I saw your sweet face pop up!

  2. This makes me think of the singer Alice Cooper. He isn’t always Alice Cooper, only when he decides to and it puts him in a different frame of mind where some things are turned on and others off. I wonder if you could just decide to be your younger self, put on that persona along with an item such as a bracelet which you only wear while doing this.

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