Sophie and me….

I bet you guys didn’t think that I was coming back. Huh? At least not as consistently as every day. Right? For those who have hung around me enough, you know I get excited and get on an exercise plan, start a book, or some other crazy resolution. But here I am day three, to “just write” as some of you have encouraged me to do. And I wanted to say thank you. Whether you stopped by to read and like my ramblings or took the time to comment and inspire. Thank you!!!! I see you and am grateful!

I thought I might continue on the path of finding my child and maybe encourage you guys to go back and find yours. As I shared with you, my summers were magical. For a few weeks every summer my cousin and I would meet up at our grandparents house a few blocks away from Lake Washington, and make our own world’s go away for a little while. Our grandma planned fun outings for us and when we weren’t being entertained by her, we entertained ourselves. at a neighbor’s pool or a walk into the woods or down at the lake or planning a play on the stairs landing that our parents would be the audience to. It doesn’t sound as if it was better than Disneyland, but to us, it was.

Recently my granddaughter, Sophie who is nine. has been spending time at her grandparent’s house, and this time I am the grandma trying to figure out ways to entertain her. She bakes and paints with me and jumps on the trampoline and gardens. And we take daily trips to the community pool. And I am transported back to those days playing mermaid with my cousin. Over the last couple years, she has forgone water wings and hanging on to me for dear life, and not putting her face in the water, to swimming to the bottom of the pool. She still holds her nose when going under and we are working on that but for the most part I’m not the grandma teaching her how to swim any longer but I am transported back to my nine year old self playing with my cousin again. But this time she is my granddaughter!

Funny how kids can bring out the kid in you and I am grateful. Recently I taught her a trick I did as a kid, hanging our legs over the edge of the pool and leaning upside down, going underwater backwards, until our back touches the wall of the pool. I was surprised how fast she learned. We must look like quite a sight – as she asks to keep doing it. Because I have to remember, it actually isn’t two nine year olds hanging from the side of the pool but a nine year old and her old grandma! 😀


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