I could write here!

In my head, I picture a room in an attic, with a view of the top of a cluster of beautiful oak trees with their limbs peeking in at me. Maybe with a fireplace, maybe not… Maybe with an easel and a place to paint. But I am grateful for my little art studio in the garage that my husband lovingly built for me when we moved here. At first I started at a work table inside the garage but we live in the country and I usually would work into the night, getting ready for art shows and lets just say the bugs are bigger than in the city and they all seemed to show up at dusk, which bugged me! Ha ha. Pun intended! So he built me a room with windows and electricity and a/c. And I am very grateful. My art studio has a desk in it and that is where I write.

I used to write in an office in the house but my in-laws moved in a few years ago and we made our office into a guest room which has in turn become my granddaughter’s room when she is here so it was just easier to have my own space for everything I do. I still had a part of the garage that I used as a workshop for my saws and sanders, but it is now piled high with boxes belonging to my in-laws so I have tried to adjust to this new reality. And find gratitude in it. I have to admit, I haven’t been the greatest sport about it and being grateful has been a kind of an on going exercise for me.

I don’t need an attic office or a workshop. I really have enough. I just need to be grateful for what I do have and know it is enough. Life changes through the years. Sometimes you just have to move over and adjust. Now pardon me as I write…..


4 thoughts on “Write right where you are

  1. I pretty much write, if I’m able to write, wherever I am. The family room sofa, the kitchen table, my upstairs “office,” a brewery, on a porch overlooking the ocean. I’ve never needed a specific physical space to write. It’s more about the mental and emotional space.

    1. Do you write on your laptop or always have a pen and journal ready? Before laptops, I used to write my poems by the ocean or in a coffee shop or wherever, I could. Thanks for reminding me. I’ve forgotten I don’t always need to be hooked up to technology to write. The best ideas are always on a walk or in the shower where nothing is available at that moment and then it’s not a good bet to bet on me remembering any of it! 😀 At least now days!

      1. I very rarely write in a journal. I’m about 99% on a laptop. I’ve talked about this before. I concentrate best when I have distractions. Which I know sounds weird. But … when I was in law school and tried to study in the library, I couldn’t do it. But put me in the cafeteria where there is noise and people walking by and I can study. It’s similar with writing.

        1. I GET it! I never really thought of it. But I have always thought I needed everything off and quiet. But thinking more about it, I guess I do find inspiration in the noise too! I’ve always thought it would be fun to live downtown in one of those apartments above the hustle and bustle!

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