I am but a shell, a container for my soul. We can not judge the outside for we are half of just one whole… I live amongst the containers carrying souls of their own, running here and there, together or alone… We are all on a journey that only a few have really grasped. For the world we live in now, is a world that will not last…. Our souls are what matter and the lessons they have learned… Things that are valued, but cannot be bought or earned… Being kind to others and learning how to love… is part of the lesson but still not enough. We are all searching for something to fill us to the brim… And it’s only in the simple act of giving our hearts to HIM!


3 thoughts on “I am but a container

      1. (((((Steve)))))
        So nice to hear from you! I have thought of you over the months and prayed for all my friends including you through this stupid pandemic! So happy you are still on! So much has happened, I try to write little blips until I can finally share the whole story. But all I can say is we live in a fallen world and God is good and the only constant that we have and I have had to keep remembering that! Thanks for checking in!!!!

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