How old do you feel today?

Deep down inside, do you feel the age you really are?

Once my grandma asked me “How old do you think I feel inside?”

She was about 73 when she asked me that question,

  I said “I don’t know grandma, how old do you feel inside?”

And she said. “Seventeen” in such a matter of fact way that I never forgot.

I actually have a photo of the time we had this conversation.  I’m not sure why or who took this photo but it is Hallmarked in my memory forever.
 These pictures are about the age I feel right now.

 I talk a lot about our inner child. Maybe this is stretching it a bit…

Maybe not this far back!! But I do remember baths in that nearby sink and a lot more things  that most don’t remember so early in life.

I’ve been told I dwell too much on the past… Ya think?

Okay perhaps something a little more recent might be more appropriate…Me with my first grandbaby…To be honest… still not quite recent… but this is as good as it gets for now!

In my lifetime, I have realized that a lesson is worth nothing unless you pass it on. My blog is a lot about learning lessons. Some I am still learning, some I would like to share with others.

I also feel that we all are going through stuff. And sometimes we feel as if we are the only ones. The truth is, we are not alone. There is always someone who will understand. Sometimes in the least expected places!

My goal for this blog is to touch one person at a time… to not try to be at the top of some search engine or  to make a lot of money off of marketing gizmos. To just have the opportunity to share, to reach out and be able to reach back. To understand and not judge.

I have been through divorce and remarriage, deaths and births, empty nests and financial set backs, faith ponders and revelations and a lot of other midlife crisisey stuff in-between and I am here to say that it was all survivable! Join me on my journey…. as I write one word , one page, one chapter, at a time.

I have a little story…. of  my own… a little more about me… that will help you know a part of my journey where I have come from… but I didn’t want to bombard you all at once… though someday, if you have a minute…click here to get to know me a little better….

And thanks for taking your time to get to know me!


Another blog I wanted to share is my daughter’s and all her whimsical wonderfulness she has done a 180  from her old blog & changed to: UPDATE:  she has since moved to another blog, instagram… @blynndarwin Tik Tok under the same.

in planning her wedding she discovered her love for mismatched china and in collecting it for her own wedding she fell into a little business and named it Fern and Bone!

(UPDATE: August 2017) By the way….  I have recently been asked to write more…. (I used to write a lot more frequently) but when I first started this blog, I really was writing for me… To just get it out because I had to! For those of you who are writers, I know you understand. I didn’t even know how to get other people to read my stuff and back then, when I first started this blog, don’t know if I wanted anybody to read my ramblings. But some how you guys have found me and I am blessed because of it!

sooo… my reason for this update is that,  I have begun to journey back into other writer’s blogs and go through the backdoor into their archives and have found a lot of great posts. I actually have about 400 of my own posts so if I haven’t posted anything recently,  feel free to go into my archives! I love to hear people’s thoughts on my early writings and appreciate the time you take when you go through my back door! Thank you for finding me and taking the time to join me on my journey! I am blessed by everyone of you!

xoxo     diane

318 thoughts on “About

  1. I cannot express how much I enjoy your writing. The first word that comes into my mind when reading your posts is the word professional. No matter what the subject, you are one of the best. I hope you can get your book on the market soon, I want to read it.

    1. I am so sorry, I just found this! I am sitting here going through all of my messages. For some reason, I can’t do it on my cell phone so I have to make myself sit down and do this and what a special message you wrote! Thank you! I actually needed it today especially so thank you!!!!

  2. Ah, Diane. I read your latest update over here and can truly relate. So – so good to reconnect with you, my friend. It’s been way too long and enjoyed seeing your happy face again on my site. Thank You and hope life has been treating you well. Hugs xxoo

      1. Same here, Diane, in seeing your smile and one of the tops as a favorite fellow blogger over the years. I’ve missed you. 🙂

    1. Sorry, I’ve been on a little trip so been away for a bit but always love to find the friends that can relate to me! So affirming! And keeps me writing!
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to write. I never take it for granted when I find someone willing to read my ramblings! 🙂

      1. As you can see, days go by when I’m not able to log on too, so that’s no problem. You’re welcome. I’m grateful too. We all need each other. Thank you for reading! Blessings!

    1. I feel that our paths are divine appointments waiting to happen to bless each other! You have also blessed me and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed!

      1. All is well. Always enjoy and look forward to your posts. I wasn’t sure about blogging. Paused it for a while until things are clear. Thank you for checking in on me. Much love.

  3. There is so much to comment on here. You seem like a beautiful soul, inside and out (love your smile!).

    As my own mother just recently passed away, I was particularly struck by your grandmother’s words – that she only feels 17 inside. Mum said the same thing and now, in my fifth decade, I am joining in with the chime. It’s just so true – life is fleeting and aging is cruel.

    Looking forward to reading more of your tidbits and insights. Melinda

    1. Miss Min,
      I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. I hate this age. So many changes. I write a lot about this midlife crisis business I guess. LOL. Never really put a name to it but for the past decade I definitely have been struggling with it. At every turn. I remember when I used to just get up off the floor from sitting indian style without having to use my hands! Now I practically have to get in a crawling position to get up! And yet I still have hope to get back in shape again! I think that we must remain young inside our heads till the last breath! Hope is stronger than fear! And so we must always have hope! Life IS fleeting and aging is cruel! Well said! But we need to take it on kicking and fighting!I look forward to wandering through your neck of the woods! Thank you so much for the time you’ve spent here! I hope to get to know you!

  4. You have a cartoon of a woman standing on a pedestal in one of your posts. I would like to use it in a book I’m writing. Do you know how I can get permission to use it? Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I am just now learning about all that. I hate to say. I don’t know the answer. Wet behind the ears, just starting out, I used google to get my pics. Nobody told me about permission. I’d asked another writer later on, and their advice to me was if it was in the free images & you weren’t using it in a book or a place to make money yourself, it was okay to use. I think
      that was bad advice. Sorry, wish I could help more!

  5. Good morning. If your blog is anything like your “about” statement, I’m looking forward to an interesting read. It sounds like you think sort of like I do. My blog is called Life Stories and Beyond for a reason. I believe our stories need to be shared. I let too many of them pass on with loved ones and I’d if I had three wishes, I might use one to bring back those people to sit and talk to get answers to mysteries of heritage and all the questions I didn’t know to ask when I was too young to care. How’s that for a run on sentence. So, I wish I could sit here and read your blog like a book today but alas, I must go out into the world and live life so I have more stories to tell. That’s a quandry for writers sometimes. To write or to live…Another topic to write about I guess. Have a lovely day.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I just reread your comment. (The problem with Smart Phones – I forget where I left off!) But I thank you for your taking the time to read and comment. I look forward to reading your thoughts as well! Can’t wait! Been working a lot lately so my time writing has been less and less but I am going to try to make more time!
      So nice to meet you!

  6. I really enjoy your writing!
    I remember my Dad saying that he still felt like he was 18. Now that I’m probably “middle-aged”, I know what he meant. As long as I avoid mirrors, I feel about 18.
    I think the reason for this is that our spirits never grow old. They’re eternal, right? I think my spirit will always be quite young. The secret is just letting it out to play often enough that it doesn’t start to crumble. Maybe it’s just me?

    1. abbie,
      Thank you so much for your sweet note. I have been on a little haitus trying to get back here! Your note inspires me again! It means a lot when people take the time to read and comment! I needed to read your words right when I did.
      Yes! I believe that our spirits are eternal! I don’t think it’s just you! I just think some people listen to their spirits with better ears! Like you!

    1. LOL. I think that we are cyberly standing on the other’s doorstep peeking in! Loved, loved, loved your ABOUT!!!! Had to click FOLLOW after I read it. (Ya know when you just click with someone’s soul?) And then you were following me at the same time! 🙂

  7. lovely bio. Beautiful lady you are…something tells me: both inside and out. Your daughter is beautiful. I feel she takes after her mom, again: both inside and out 🙂

    Peace to you

  8. Oh I do so relate to your reasons for blogging! I’m bombarded constantly who see my photographs and now artwork who immediately ask if I’m selling it. Life is not all about money or fame. My hobbies shall remain my hobbies because selling my work would rob me of the pleasure I receive in their creation. I relate to your decision to share your experiences with others.

    I’ve been through 3 marriages and those who’ve heard my story suggest I write a book or make a movie. Here we go again! Let me just share the experiences. There might be something in my life’s story that can make a difference in your life. How can anyone put a pricetag on any of that? Love your blog and your story! – Bob, just plain old Bob. 🙂

    1. Dear Just Plain Old Bob,
      YOU my dear, are anything BUT plain 😊 but I do understand your just wanting to share your experiences with others with no reward attached.
      I think that people are probably just trying to give you a compliment by suggesting you sell your artwork that they obviously see talent and value in, or telling you that you should write a book. When you are just sharing to help others without profiting from any of it. Having done art shows, I’d probably have encouraged you to sell your work lol. And I love that books can become movies and feel that a book or movie can reach many more than a blog. But even here, if just one at a time people connect with us through our experiences, it is exciting. But please don’t take offense when people suggest more for you. I am sure they are just trying to compliment you. I once suggested to my best friend’s newly retired husband that now he had time to write a book and he nearly bit my head off. Lol. I have to learn that just because I’d love to write a book someday, not everyone has the same dream. I just hear him talking and studying about the scriptures so much. I just figured that was the next logical part if the process. Lol.
      Thanks for sharing!😊

  9. Sometimes I wonder about WordPress. I had been following you and as bloggers rely on this to help keep us in touch with each other in the blogger world. But somehow I was no longer following you and if you had not liked my most recent post I would probably have never found you again:-) I see I have a lot of catching up to do. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday…..Glenn 🙂

  10. Diane,
    A rare revelation of a part of who you are, and I appreciate that. The best parts of life — the ups and downs — are that we benefit from those experiences if we choose.

    A writer, in my opinion, writes. It is a compulsion that is not driven by the traipsings you outlined above — fame and success. It is a ‘have to.’ We shall see how Terry Jasper’s success fulfills him, by the way, as “The Pied Harpist of Nashville” continues. It, by the way, is based loosely on the story of someone I knew. Not all, of course, but enough.

    Thank you for visiting my writing studio, and for opting to follow my work. I hope you will find something entertaining, something enlightening, and something worth whatever time you spend in the studio.

    — SM

    1. Skip;
      A writer, in my opinion, writes. It is a compulsion that is not driven by the traipsings you outlined above — fame and success. It is a ‘have to.’ We shall see how Terry Jasper’s success fulfills him, by the way, as “The Pied Harpist of Nashville” continues. It, by the way, is based loosely on the story of someone I knew. Not all, of course, but enough.
      I am not sure what you are referring to… about the outlined above… fame and fortune comment??
      I too, am in total agreement that writing is a HAVE TO compulsion. It is funny, I have suggested to friends that they try “writing about it” and have gotten many responses back, some almost negative, telling me that they are NOT writers,etc.
      But I GET IT. I don’t knit and never will. LOL. I am however, an artist. But even so, writing is something that I have always had to do. Art has been something I enjoy.

      Anyway, I was confused about the comment about by the traipsings you outlined above — fame and success.
      But I thank you for your time in commenting and definitely plan on enjoying visits to your studio!

      1. Well, I think you said in your own About, that the writing was not about the money. Sorry — I was working across two platforms in my comment.

        I wanted to clarify that my book is technically self-published. Warren Press participates financially in a quasi-partnership role by really spending a great deal more than my financial contribution. I don’t classify them as a vanity press because of that.

        Sorry. I wasn’t ranting — but clarifying. Still, I AM a curmudgeon! 🙂

        1. Thanks for clarifying. 🙂
          As for self publishing, I self published a children’s book in the 90s way before the new self publishing venues existed and I was not a fan back then. I just did it myself and paid for printing, etc… I had to purchase a few thousand. I sold a few, and gave a lot away. Ha. I still have a couple hundred left.
          But I am in no way knocking the new guys. My friend is really in the know and a fan. Not sure how well she is doing $ wise… but like you, I have a heart for just sharing more than profiting. Though when I was younger, I have to admit that when I grasped the concept of authors and writing and that “someone” actually wrote the books I loved, and how to go to the library and look up that author’s name… I’d always dreamt of someone going to a shelf and looking up my name. Silly I know. Now, I guess you just go on line and click it and you still get the message. Just on Kindle. I still like to hold a book and smell it. Ya know? Though I know that you can get both versions. Hard and on line…
          I guess I just waited too long to finish my book (which is now in editing stage – finally!) But I do have to admit, I imagined printing copies and mailing them out and having an agent or publisher think I had something great. (I can dream can’t I? lol.)
          But I know self publishing is the trend now and I am kind of out of it. And that is the route a lot are taking and doing well with it.
          I really just have a message. However it gets there, I will be satisfied. NOT about fame or fortune at all. But there is something to feeling validated when someone tells ya that they couldn’t stop reading till they finished. 😉

  11. I just finished ‘Folded Pages’ and I am exhausted! It was in some places, painful. Your writing is so incredibly clear and honest that at times I could feel the emotional hurt. That was brilliant! Unfortunately when I went to comment I only found “page not found”. I love a good read and that was certainly one of them. Thanks!

    1. Wow. You really read the whole thing? It hasn’t even been edited so I am sure you had to sift through the bad punctuation and spelling errors etc. But I am so incredibly grateful that you took so much time reading it. I think that I need to post something that explains that I was trying to save it to my drafts on my blog and it accidentally was published for a few seconds. I guess the ones that actually received it, got the rough draft. I am being blown away by the wonderful people that are taking the time to read the whole thing. I’d love to know what you thought. I need to post a post about what happened cuz obviously a lot of my followers received a copy. I am so confused. But I love you guys for reading!!!!!!!!! You are the GREATEST!

  12. Hi Diane. I just wanted to tell you that I finished reading your book. Wow! Here is not the place to write about it but just know that I couldn’t put it down (until it got so late that I had to sleep). Hugs, Emma

    1. Emma,
      Were you talking about Keri’s Journals on my other site? Or Folded Pages? I ask only because when I was moving my rough (and I mean rough) draft to my blog so I could read it easier, I
      accidentally published it for about ten seconds and wondered if it slipped through.
      But whatever you read, your words are EXACTLY what a writer wants to hear. Even with all the mistakes, REALLY?! Wow. Thank you. You are my very first feedback💜
      Whatever comes after, I’ll always remember this one. And thank you for the time you spent reading it. 💜💜💜💜

  13. I know exactly what you mean about feeling younger in your head than your years. I’ve been feeling decades younger inside than I am and put it down to hormonal torture. Recently I asked my 78 year old mother how old she felt in her head and she replied, “I mostly fee as if I’m in my teens,” just like your grandmother told you. I think that most women who have spent decades raising a family might like going back to their carefree years in their imagination, (if those years were not too traumatic for them) When I look back on my youth it was a time of adventure and discovery with few responsibilities, so for me it’s a nice place to visit.

    1. Jean,
      First, thank you for taking the time to read this! I have really been enjoying reading your blog! I think that you nailed it, right on, and caught exactly what I was trying to say. As we approach milestones in our lives, we slow down and don’t seem to be as fast to grow up as we used to be. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever feel like a grown up! LOL.

  14. Hi Diane, I just found your blog today, and would like to say that the goals you’ve set down on this page are excellent! Touching one person at a time, sharing lessons, and understanding without judging — the world certainly needs more of that!

    I’ve been on a virtual quest this year to discover and comment on a positive blog every day, while keeping a list on my own site, and have added your blog as today’s entry. 🙂

    1. Dear Meg
      what a wonderful comment I found waiting for me today. After a particularly depressing week. I have been getting little unexpected such as yours that has boosted my faith!
      I can’t wait to visit your blog! You Already had me at hello! Love your quest!
      Thank YOU Meg!

  15. Thanks so much for following my blog! Your story about the earthquake gave me chills (in a good way). It always amazes me, though it shouldn’t, how God watches out for us. And yes, bad things sometimes happen, but He helps us through them, and we survive and keep going. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    1. Lori,
      So sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to my posts. I have been working on my book. But thank you for taking the time to read and post here!
      I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  16. What a testimony of God’s protection and plan. I’m sorry for the two lives lost, yet we cling to the truth we know. God is love.
    I’m enjoying your writing and wanted to say thank you.

    1. Robbye,
      Thank you so much! I am always so touched that anyone takes the time to read my writing. It means a lot when I hear from you guys! I also want you to know that I only follow those who I connect with so you are welcome! But you deserved it!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am just now getting back to my blog this weekend so just wanted to come on and answer everyone today! What a sweetie you are! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

  17. I wanted to personally thank you for stopping by my blog hiseternalword and for the like on “About His Eternal Word”. Your blog looks great from what I’ve seen so far. I trust that your writings will be an encouragement to those who stop by to visit.

    Blessings to you … Mikey

    1. Thank YOU Mikey.
      your writing is inspirational. Glad I found your blog. I was touched by a comment you made on another blog and knew it would be just what I needed today and was not disappointed!

  18. Thank you for stopping by – it is always nice to have someone to walk with in our journey of life! God bless you!

    1. How sweet! Thank you. I am always honored. Though I am an award free blog just because I have found the awards so time consuming and I can barely find time to blog let alone go through the process of the awards. I am always hnonored and touched that I am included!~

      1. I hear ya! I am new to this and finding that it is like a part-time job. Either way, I wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog and always appreciate your comments and likes!

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