8 thoughts on “jesus hugging little girl

  1. Want to find & bless the artist, the image is usually on display during worship in church though not always … But had seen it the sunday before i was hospitalized and when i couldn’t pray, too stunned to end up in ER and 4 nights in the hospital, this image came back to me and i fought tears .. it was very reassuring, a sign to say i’m holding you despite all… Interestingly it came on display again today and i just started tearing up, it’s comforting and reassuring of the love of JESUS and it made me appreciate prophetic art .. I pray & bless the artist for channeling the love of Yeshua through strokes ..

  2. Every time I see this picture I feel peace. I reminds me of how I felt as an 8 year old little girl when I lost my Dad. Now at 45 I feel the same since I lost my Mom 2 months ago. He has always been there for me no matter what. Thank You Lord. Sincerely, Patty

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