In the backyard blowing dandilions and make’n wishes,

I can hear my mom inside doing after dinner dishes,

on a warm summer night in nineteen sixty three,

my life consists of just my mom and dad and me.

Back then, no one in my life I  really loved had ever died

 I don’t even think I understood the meaning of goodbye.

That was more than ten thousand warm summer nights ago,

seems like we all have to learn things we didn’t want to know.

Like all summer nights aren’t just warm and breezy

and saying good bye has never been easy

It’s hard to believe that everyone I loved back then has died

and it hurts like hell when you begin to understand the meaning of goodbye.

Diane Reed


My mom died today, well two years ago today. And it sucks more and more everyday. I still catch myself regularly starting to call her to tell her something. I know she is in heaven. I know she is so happy. Her body is new and she gets to be with Jesus. Who she’s loved since she was a little girl. But I wish that He could give me a dream or a sign, or one last conversation with her. I sometimes just want to go back to that summer night in 1963 blowing wishes while my mom was still inside doing the dishes. I guess it’s okay. For her at least,  I bet there are no dishes to do in heaven.

7 thoughts on “On A Warm Summer Night in 1963

  1. Please tell me there are no dishes to wash! I’m pretty sure we’re free and helping out our loved ones when they can’t see us anymore. I do the same thing with my grandmother. It’s been almost five years since she passed and I reached for the phone wanting to call her. This time I smiled though, realizing I don’t need a phone to communicate with her. Things get better.

  2. So sorry for your loss Diane, and for still feeling the loss 2 years later. I know that feeling.
    We can still talk to those we love who have gone before us. I suspect they do hear us.
    Some times it still seems strange, when I think of people who have gone many years ago, that they are no longer here.
    But we can remember, we will see them again 🙂
    Love and hugs to you Diane. Wish I could give you the hugs in person.

  3. May peace and comfort cover you, Diane, and may the crickets and fireflies from more than ten thousand warm summer nights ago sing in your ears and light up your eyes.

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