It’s a funny thing. No matter how long it’s been, since I’ve been here. I know that I can come back and find a neighborhood of loyal friends. The people in my life that are just there always supporting and showing up without an agenda, no matter what. The ones that don’t read me because I read their’s. They just are that unconditional handful of people that I can count on to be there. Though several have fallen off over the decade that I have been here. There is just this unspoken sense of unconditionalness (<<< I know, I know, that’s not a word!) But I can’t find anything else to describe it. And I just wanted to say that you guys are a gift! You pretty much know who YOU are. My peeps. My tribe. My friends. And I just wanted to say thank you.

Our blogs are a little like inviting people over. For a cup of coffee, a glass of ice tea or maybe a little Chardonnay, depending on the occasion. There is a familiar feeling of warmth when I pull up my page and begin to write. During this time, we have had so many interruptions poking into our lives that connecting here is like a lifeline. A soft place to fall, a safe place.

Maybe friendships are easier here because they are unconditional. Maybe because we are writers and readers and we have this uncanny connection that sets us apart. Or maybe even because we don’t hold each other accountable. I know that there are those that stopped reading my posts because I am not great at reading all the ones that I follow. I have tried to become more selective so that I can have more time to devote to supporting my fellow writers. But it is always fun to see someone pop back in, that I felt a deep kindred spirit with for a season, but for some reason, we lost touch. Those unconditional people that find you again. Those are the ones I call my tribe. You know the kind of friendships where you can come back to, months and even years later and start right back up where you left off, without missing a beat? Those are the ones I treasure the most! No guilt trips, just sliding back into the space you shared together. I love those kind of friends.

I think that especially during this time of sheltering and then watching the hate in the world slap us in the face, it is hard to not want to reach out and find that soft place to hold us tight. I find that place in my faith. But it’s also nice to have somewhere in the world that you belong. We are faceless friends, caring not about the color of our skin, or where we live, or our physical appearance, our wealth or lack of… We are all just souls bumping into each other and appreciating the words we write. Sometimes pouring from our hearts in such a way that leaves us naked. And at the same time, know we won’t be judged here. We are each other’s tribe. And I am so glad I have you ALL! Thank you for being there every time I write, I find you.

23 thoughts on “Every time I write I find you

  1. Thank you! I know exactly what you mean! Now I know what you meant when you said I was part of your tribe. Hugs!! I too have a small group of readers who read my posts when I seldom read theirs. These are the people I write for. So glad we are blog friends. You’re a keeper. If you ever need to talk as a friend, I am a good listener.😁😁

  2. Never far away Di. You know what they say about friends that we don’t always see, and when we do, we pick up where we left off. Those are tribe. ❤

    1. I’m not much for writing but I admire you and your words. You have a way to bring comfort, remove self doubt and make one smile. I especially chuckled at the word “Unconditionalness”. It reminded me of a time when Lauren was here with family. She was sitting on her Mommy’s lap and out of her 5 year old mouth she says to me, ” Gramma, this table looks Despicable! ” We looked at her asking what that meant and she said, “I don’t know but it does.” Gave Mommy a hug, jumped down, came over, hugged me and off she went.

      1. LOL. I always thought that Lauren was your gift from God. An old soul and little peacemaker when you needed someone to love and admire you and see the good in you that I felt the others in your life at that time were missing. If you remember back to those days when she first started talking she wanted you in her life and said so! I loved that she came barging in like an Angel with a mission. lol. So anything about Lauren pokes my heart.

  3. Yes. Through blogging I have made some “friends” that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I put that in quotes, because to me, it’s hard to really commit to the concept unless I’ve met in person and we’ve shared some real laughs and real conversations. But there are people with whom I have an ongoing dialogue with via blogging and other social media platforms and it’s always interesting to see what’s next.

    Thank you for sticking around!

    1. I feel the exact same way Mark! And you are one of my tribe! You have taught me so much. Even though I may not always technically mark your blog with a LIKE or comment, it isn’t for lack of trying. I’m not sure why it works sometimes & doesn’t others on my iphone but it is so damn frustrating that I don’t even try to LIKE or comment anymore to save myself the frustration. LOL. But I do try to come here on my pc as often as I can to let you know you teach me so much. I always like to read your opinions about most things because it gives me a perspective that I trust. I feel you are very thoughtful in thinking things out and so I read what you write with an open mind. The concept of friend is a funny thing. I feel it here. My husband jokes about my walls and how it is easier for me to make friends on my blog where I am not required to be as accountable in regard to …. whatever he thinks I am running from doing. Who knows. Maybe he is right. All I know is that when I sit down and pull up my screen to connect with my “friends” here or to write a post, I feel a peace that doesn’t happen in a lot of places in my life. Even church. I feel judged in a way that’s hard to explain. Maybe I am who I wish I was here or maybe I am who I really am.

  4. When I was a young girl I had many penpals all over the world. For me, this place is like that, someone afar whose life is different than mine yet, because of our common human condition, the same. I love this connection and so enjoy when you post. ❤

    1. Ah Louise… YOU are one in my heart that I always pull up in my heart – as someone I am honored to call my friend. To include you in my so called tribe. You are another one I have learned so much from. I’ve watched your journey and am so proud of you and so blessed to have you take the time to read ANYTHING I write! let alone always comment! YOU are a treasure and I connect with you on so many levels! I know you would be the kind of friend that if we lived close, I’d drop plans to be with!

  5. Hello Di
    You’ve been away a while
    but then so have I
    Good to know you still walk the world with me
    even though it’s in such travesty
    Wear your mask. Keep your social distance. Wash your hands. …….and just stay healthy and try to keep a smile through it all. ………………….. 🙂 Hugs to you !!!

    1. ((((Paul)))) My PaPa Bear!!!! I only feel love when I see you pop up! As I was telling Mark, I have a hard time technically LIKING and commenting here on my iphone (not sure what is up with that??) But I try to come here as often as possible to let you know I’ve read what you’ve written but am not always good at it. I know you have been MIA for a while! So glad that you checked in! I would have eventually come looking for you! I think that is the part of bad “friend” that I might be if we lived closer. But in my heart I feel so differently. I am there with chicken soup and a basket of cookies and hugs in my imagination… if I could throw a party for everyone I felt close to here I would! You have been so helpful. I still remember to watch out for saying “had” too much and think of you and the time you took supporting me writing my book. I am glad for times like these when I can just say thank YOU!

    1. I love it! All my peeps are showing me exactly WHO they are and you know my sweet friend you are one of the ones I was talking about! Not sure? What was the subject? See… you are more observant than me! What a special gift I have in you!

    2. Hi Q!
      I wrote a comment back to you and realized it didn’t show up. Dumb iphone problems with wordpress! Anyway what a sweet thing for you to say! & I’m not sure what draft. Do you remember the message? Well, of course you KNOW you are one of the friends I am talking about that is a part of the tribe I mentioned. I am so grateful for your time and always being one of the wonderful faces I see every time I write and you are there supporting me!
      Thank you my friend!

  6. Well-said. There are seasons for speaking and those for listening. I’ve been mostly reading and listening for about a year and appreciate you and others who listen when I have something to say.

    1. Mark,
      YOU are also one of my peeps! And teachers!! I am so blessed by your friendship and the lessons you have taught me and am thankful for this opportunity to gather everyone here to let you know you are one of my tribe that I speak of here. And would be less than without your words in my heart. Thank you for always supporting me and reading my ramblings! I am honored to call you my friend.

  7. ” writing is good for the soul and helps heal from what pains us, as it keeps our feelings and emotions close without burying them deep within”.

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