What do they say about all best laid plans? Well, I know I haven’t been consistent in writing here as I set out to be when I came back from my year long hiatus. But if you walked in my shoes, you would understand. So I am finally making a new plan, where I don’t beat myself up and have decided to… “give me a break!” πŸ˜€

I have come to the conclusion that God’s rainbow really makes more sense than I ever imagined. He has given us each the gift of choice. Though, I’m not sure it’s not been a curse for me and that I wouldn’t have rather He’d choose my paths and make me follow!! But He knows the human spirit and I guess one of our lessons in life is in the choice. (Sigh!)

But He also gave us the promise that the floods wouldn’t last forever and so in our not always listening to Him, we have the rain and the rainbows. And I see it in my own life and in the ones around me how it’s in our own choices that have created this fallen world we live in. Illnesses, plagues, accidents, financial setbacks, relationship issues, all are part of it. And our Lord suffers with us. His plan was a perfect world. Period. The lessons we learn through keeping our faith through it all, gives us strength. And the ability to help others through their own battles.

There really is no life without death or joy without sorrow. We just wouldn’t know what gratitude was if it was all so perfect. But for those who ask Jesus into their hearts, and their life, have the assurance of an amazing place called Heaven. God’s final promise. It’s as simple as that. We can’t earn it, we can’t do great works to get there. The only price is our faith that he paid for our sins on the cross and anything we’ve done or have yet to do (because believing does not mean we won’t still make mistakes.) It does mean we want to please Him, so hopefully through Him we daily try to learn the lessons He’d have us learn.

Yesterday, was a day like no other. It really was more like a Lifetime Horror movie and yet I still see God at work! Orchestrating some crazy miracles that couldn’t be coincidences. Placing legitimate ANGELS on our path. His promise that He is always with us is playing out in our recent crisis and maybe someday I will write a book about it but for now…

Dance in the rain and enjoy the rainbows and expect the storms and believe in the soft places to land in-between. Because Joy always comes in the morning and rainbows always come after the storm. Even if we can’t see them sometimes, they ARE there!


3 thoughts on “Even when we can’t see the rainbows…

  1. β€œThe world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway – A Farewell to Arms … Truly Diane, beating yourself up is a learned behavior, this blog is your shadow work, undoing that and understanding loving yourself as your love others …

  2. I remember us talking about soft places to land . It’s good to have you back on the blogging trail. I hope you’ll start following me again. I can’t believe I’ in my 13th year writing in For His Glory. My how time and age fly. stevensawyer.wordprss.com

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