As I fell asleep last night, I had the best topic for a new post and of course I can’t remember a word of it. Oh well, maybe as I write, I will remember. I have been on a journey of realizations lately. One thing for sure, is I’m not in charge. Life happens and you have to go with the flow. After decades of living my life without one prescription, I’ve got a bagful now. It’s so discouraging. “What you mean I asked?” when they asked me about my ailments and what prescriptions I took, “Nothing I bragged when I realized what they were asking me.

I’ve been blessed most of my life. I’ve always had lower blood pressure and not a lot of aches and pains. I grew up with a mom who’d had Polio as a child and complained of aches and pains during my childhood. I felt bad for her but I didn’t understand like perhaps I do now. As an artist I did shows with a lot of older artists and though I admired their talents, I prayed that I’d never be like them. It seemed as if all they talked about was their aches and pains and latest surgeries or recent symptoms and diagnosis.

Be careful how you judge. Especially if you are young! It will catch up to you. Everyone gets old eventually! My time was like clockwork. The joke was on me. A few months after telling my Insurance agent I had no prescriptions to check off as she signed me up for Medicare, I had to call her back and let her know things had changed. All of a sudden I have high blood pressure and several heart issues that I’d never had before, including back pain.

It’s almost like a bad joke metaphorically speaking. But also, it is eye opening. The bottom line is… Life is short. And a little unnerving when you are trying to put on a brave front, as you are basically hemorrhaging out your nose for like the tenth time, and you finally have to suck it up and start going to the hospital and doctor to try to figure out why. When you realize that pain in your back is no picnic and that maybe you should have been more sympathetic to the older kin in your life who really deserved to complain about those aches and pains. I guess I thought not complaining was brave.

The real kicker is when you finally relax and realize that you are old. And that once you are sitting on the ground, you can’t just get up from a crossed leg position without looking pathetic and that zero prescriptions are probably a thing of the past. And that not only talking about, but writing about it, confirms it! The pathetic part I mean!



4 thoughts on “Zero Perscriptions

  1. I love that most of your life you’ve not had any health issues, Diane. That’s such a blessing. Now, with some of these things creeping in it’s like our bodies are needing just a little more TLC as we get older. Another phase of life we’re shifting into and for me, at 75, I’m learning to love and embrace it. Love and hugs, my friend. It’s all good.

  2. I never downplayed the elderly. My mom died in her first years of forty, but her twin sister lived into her first years of ninty. Their mother lived way beyond 100, but I only knew she was in pain because there was an open wound on her right shin. Which I never heard her mention. I understand, at 73, exactly what you’re saying. It’s definitely worth the blog.

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