After being MIA from here for about a year, I posted a pretty dismal sounding, “feeling sorry for myself” STUCK kind of post. I guess that over the years I’ve branded myself as always ending with a positive twist. Instead I told you guys, “I got nothing.” And I was blessed with my sweet friends popping back into my life. That loyal handful who never fail me. Better really than a thousand! Because I know that they really read my words. As writers you guys understand what I am talking about. We are a small village that have connected over words. And when someone reads ours. It means more than just about anything when it comes to being a writer.

So as the comments came in, I was inspired to become unstuck. And these images began appearing in my head. And I “got something!” I realized that no matter where you are, being stuck can be an opportunity to change your attitude and find the blessings in everything. Even a puddle of mud! Which has kinda been my metaphor for my life lately. But I promise I’m back! Because I really needed you guys!

Thank you for the reinforcements!


9 thoughts on “The first step to getting somewhere is not staying where you are!

    1. I don’t know why, but I am always surprised and thrilled to see you! It means a lot that you still read my ramblings!!!
      Glad to hear from ya!

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