It has been a few weeks since I checked in. I’ve been hanging out over at my other blog

and trying to work on my book. But never want to be away so long that you think that I don’t care about you guys here! I thought I’d come here to touch base and share something that was on my mind…

I work with people who are my kid’s age (funny how that happens, the older we get!)  Sometimes it’s just the two of us working. Most days, it’s hopping and there’s not a lot of down time. But on those rare occasions when the phone’s stopped ringing and clients don’t need to be checked in or out or  shown here or there, we’ve  had some pretty heavy talks. After we lost our business (gift store in the 2003 earthquake read my ABOUT page for more info on that) both my husband and I have  had the opportunity to work with the youth in our community. Funny because, my husband actually wanted to be a Youth Pastor in his younger years and worked for about eight years as the General Manager at our small town’s theater before going back into business with his dad doing what he did before we opened the store. During those years, he employed a lot of our community’s youth and was able to counsel several of them over the years and invite them to our church.

women talking

The other night I worked with a sweet girl who shared this heartbreaking story with me about her break up with an ex-boyfriend.  Which also involved some mean girl antics which all seemed very dramatic. As I listened, my heart-felt for her. Especially since I am writing my story about that time in my own life. Another girl around the same age, also began talking with us and I told them how everything seems so important right now but in about ten years they will look back and have families and different perspectives and priorities and lives and everything that seems so important now will all seem silly someday. They both looked at me with blank looks on their faces and it made me realize that of course I could see from where I was standing but they had not made that journey yet. And so they had no idea what I was talking about.

Do you think  perhaps that God might look at us a little like that? Wanting to help us see the BIGGER picture while we are lost in the chaos of our smaller worlds? He knows that we need to take the steps on our journey to be able to look back and see what was important and what really just wasn’t.

As I write my other blog, I have traveled back a few decades. And it has been a bit exhausting. But I know that I have learned one thing. In all the years since I have cried all those tears. I am a survivor.



37 thoughts on “I Am A Survivor!

  1. Hi, its Hubert from the former sharp word blog, The fibromyalgia poet, Im sorry I have forgotten your name I think its Debbie …Anyway I just couldn’t stay away from blogging so I came back. I must say that survivor is probabley the theme song of christianity today I certianly has been the theme of my life. if you like pop over to my new blog, ‘servant word’ and have a look around, todays entry was on a similar thought, “Baby, baby ” the title I hope we can be friends again .


  2. Survivor !!!! Really !! You’re going to be on Survivor ??? Sorry, Di. I just couldn’t pass this one up. 🙂 I know what you meant in your post and its’ really spot on. The younger generations don’t seem to have the patience or ability to learn from us “older” folks, do they? Good to hear from you. Hugs!

  3. Yes, you are a survivor Di! It’s always easier to look down on things after the fact to re-evaluate ‘out of the box’. I believe we all have lessons to learn and gain through experience. God sends us life lessons to muddle through, and they always seem to lead to the next destination. 🙂 xo

    1. I’m back AND of course running out the door to work. (THAT didn’t take long did it? ) Back in the muck of things. But signed in under my other blog but wanted to thank you for your comment even though I don’t have time to change scripts right now. Maybe it is fitting metaphorically speaking to say
      we are survivors! Huh? 😉

        1. Still signed in under Keri’s journal… hopefully threatening to update! But wanted to say that is so weird if you did not get my reply. But just wrote you a lengthy one from my computer so hopefully you will get it! Are you talking about the email you wrote around the 14th? Hopefully cuz that is my last one from you!
          At least you get an A for effort my dear!!!!!

      1. God sure is amazing. So many times I see His hand in my life. Actually, when I really think about it, I can see his hand every day in my life and I am so very grateful for all His blessings.

  4. I think you’re right… I’ve often thought about the fact that God sees the whole picture of our lives and we see only a part… like a puzzle some pieces are missing in our eyes… but not God’s… Diane

  5. One way of looking at is might that we aren’t survivors in that sense but have been given the chance to wake up and start another day. What we do with it, is an open invitation. 🙂

    1. Theresa,
      I read this when I read your first comment but I had to give it a special response all of it’s own. YOU my friend are SPECIAL. You have become a friend and Inspire-er. Your loyalty is a gift!
      I love you
      God bless!

  6. I am so glad you wrote this. I have this terrible habit of shrinking the picture, and also forgetting that I am not alone in my struggles. I have been doing that an awful lot these recent months…I am so forgetful.

    God is with us loving us and offering his big shoulder whenever we need it! Thank you so much for sharing that! 🙂


    1. Theresa,
      YOU my dear, are a master of words! I love that… Shrinking the picture!!!! That is another blog! But I do that too. I never work at night, but I offered to because I am going to go watch my daughter Brooke in a play this weekend and needed to get in some extra hours and so it was funny, I thought that I was being put in that young girl’s path, but I think maybe God put her in mine. I needed to see that as I am writing my book that I have carried a lot of baggage over the years. So much unecesarrily. Our hearts are resilliant. Too bad we don’t realize that when we think that the first time it is broken, that it will never go back together again. But God is so good He is so constant. He repairs it over and over again until we see the bigger picture! 😉

  7. It is so difficult to know what to say to a young heart-broken kid. My son’s long-time girlfriend broke up with him last summer and I truly feared he would hurt himself. It was awful. I told him the same thing about time and it just wasn’t any comfort, even though now he sees that it is true. All I could do was trust in God and keep him busy. Distraction seemed to be the best I could do for him. Sometimes listening and showing you care is the only medicine you can offer and it’s probably the best. Great story and great work! Thanks!

    1. Chey,
      Your comment brought tears to my eyes. We know that love will come again. But you are right. Time and listening and showing you care is the best healer. There is not a lot you can say that will help. I know that when I broke up with my first love, he made me believe that no one would want me. Though I kind of knew that wasn’t true because boys were already paying attention to me even though I wasn’t interested at the time. My heart was split in two. But love comes again. I think it would be neat if there was a book about broken hearts who were devastated and their love stories that came after. It would give hope to those still feeling broken. IF they were even ready to read it. Thank you Chey for sharing. Thanks for reading!

      1. For some reason I think there is a “Chicken Soup” book on that premise. Not sure. If not, you should jump on it because it is a great idea! Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and spending time reading my posts. You have made my day!

  8. yes you are a survivor and by being a survivor and telling your story you give hope to others that there is a better way for them. Thanks for being there are sharing your story and lending your support to mine. .

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