We tend to hang out with people who make us feel good about ourselves. Recently, I have been very reflective and quite choosey where I spend my time. Lately, work has  been a place that consumes most of that time and I have spent more time than I would like to admit after work, complaining or frustrated about the things that happened while I was there. I know people who are constantly gossiping about other people. Did it never dawn on me that those very people “sharing” with me were not out there “sharing about me” behind my back soon after they left me? What ever would make me believe that I was above being talked about? I guess because I trusted them with my frustrations and thought that I could be REAL.

I have come to the decision that I will not participate in listening or commenting on negative things. I know that it will be a habit that may be hard to break and I may fail until it becomes a habit to just walk away… but I have realized lately, just how much of my time I allow to be consumed with negative things that suck the joy out of my life and then wonder why I am so depressed. I want to begin to see the glass not only half full but spilling over!

I love a good metaphor, and I see it all as a little neighborhood. When you look across the street what do you see?

When someone looks across the street at where you live, what do they see? Do you have pride in ownership in the place where you live?

And I really encourage you to look at yourself rather than thinking this is for someone else.  There is a cute cartoon out where Jesus is explaining about the footprints where he says; “Where there is only one set of foot prints… that is where I carried you, that long groove, that is where I dragged you a while.

I love it! Though I am sad to say I most likely have more grooves than one set of footprints, let alone two!

   I have decided that it is time to be proactive in all areas of my life…..

 time for me to clean out the garage of my soul and try to figure out what I am actually going to put back on the shelves. I want people to see me differently when my garage door is open and everything is all cleaned out!

I want them to pull up a chair and come sit on my porch and know that they are safe there and maybe after sitting there for a spell, they will look out from where they sit and see a different view! And hopefully the guy across the street will too!

I’ve learned that people will forget what you
said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made
them feel.

― Maya

24 thoughts on “Garage Sale For My Soul

  1. I absolutely loved your realization that people who gossip in your presence also gossip about you while you are away. I have learned to use such people, only telling them things that I wish to be repeated. Such a grapevine can be a tool if you can trust your message to not be altered too much.

    You mention wanting the perspective of the glass not only being full but spilling over. How messy! I like the perspective that the glass is always full, always topped off with air.

    You finish talking about clearing out the garage of your mind and put up boundaries so far as what goes back in there. I don’t know if boundaries is the right word. It gives me the image of someone else being able to put things there that you don’t want. You are saying “boundaries” and I am hearing “barriers” maybe.

    As I think about how we do things in our home, if something has been sitting unused for over a year it is going to be rediscovered and used or it is somehow going away whether sold, donated, or thrown out. Maybe you could make a rule instead of a barrier where you try to put only good positive things back in the garage. It’s hard. Many things I thought were good and useful turned out to be defective and harmful. I don’t think anyone ever gets it right, but it is sure worth the effort to improve.

    1. You are right. I think I was thinking of the word boundaries and used it too late. If I was going to use it, then perhaps I should have used it earlier when talking about gossiping. Anywaaaay~ I changed it~

  2. I’ve gone the same way lately – even clearing out a friend of 30 years as the negativity he projects I no longer need or welcome. I just put up with it for ages!
    great post btw 🙂

    1. Good for you Kev! Sometimes it is scary to let go of things familiar even if they are like poison to us.
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my mostly long winded posts! 😉

      1. Thanks for taking the time to read my sometimes (who am I kidding… smile) mostly long and wordy rants! I also have had to re-evaluate a few friendships… those empty shelves in that pic… reflect what I was trying to say… though I am happy to say I do have plenty of great friendships to neatly place back up there! 😉

  3. I enjoy reading your stuff. Very interesting perspectives of life. Your survival story is very well written. I enjoyed it. I am one of the few men who blog consistently. I’m retired now, so I have the time and I love blogging. I love writing devotionals about God and His love for us. Thank you for liking the video about the amazing little girl. She is awesome. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m borrowing part of one of your posts that describe how sinful some of the folks in the Bible were, yet God still used them. Just like you said, He can use us despite the way we perceive ourselves, or believe we’re not good enough for God to use. In fact, you inspired me to write a blog I’m thinking of calling, “No Excuses” or something to that effect. My mission with my blog is to help folks understand their true identity in Christ. I get impatient with folks who claim to be Christians but are wimps when it comes to how they don’t live out their faith. That’s another story all together. I hope you visit my blog again, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff. You are a good writer, with a great story. Keep plunking away on that old Remington. :>) BTW your photos and graphics add a great dimension to your blog posts. Talk to you soon. http://stevensawyer.wordpress.com

    1. I am honored that you read anything I write! I am humbled that you like it! I am excited to read your words… and just to let ya know… I borrowed that snippit about all the guys in the Bible that God used from an email sent to me! Good huh? Thank you for your time. Looking forward to getting to know you!
      Praying you have a blessed day!

  4. Humm it almost sounds like you work where I do! LOL Having those issues.. as my work reminds me of being in high school again.. lived that once don’t wanna go there again… thanks for sharing..

  5. I love this! It really speaks to me as I’m preparing to share about pride and the 3rd part of my think before you speak series on gossip. We are to be the light shining in dark places, not allowing the darkness or negativity to overcome us! This revelation is one I pray we all have, and even though self-realization is often the most challenging kind, God can use us in such great ways after we humble ourselves enough to make a change. Thanks for sharing!

    With love in Christ,

  6. I’ve had similar experiences. I was actually really upset today because I can pretty much see right through the garbage, and I know my snappy words will get thrown around the gossip circle. But, it’s either that or join them. I refuse. I’d rather be alone. I do like your happy ending though. I’m going to remember your words. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write! And taking the time to read all the way to the end! I usually do have a moral to the message. lol.
      I liked how you GOT what I was trying to convey… And I so GET what you meant about your snappy words getting thrown into the gossip pool! Very cleverly put! Too bad also so predictable. Us lovely creations are such creatures of habit. I’d also rather be alone… Funny, it took me this long to realize! You and I can be alone together! smile~

  7. Love this post! All too often we pick up other people’s negativity and weigh ourselves down before we even realize what we are doing. Check out my “Why Do You Wear That?” post. It’s along these lines. Love the cartoon too…first time I’ve seen it with the groove reference! 🙂

    1. Yep! You nailed that one!
      I love the saying…. Your best friends are a reflection of yourself….I added in my cardline…. SO I MUST BE BEAUTIFUL!!!
      But sometimes I fall short when I forget how words are so powerful…
      My son said once… “Mom, I have found that you have more power in what you don’t say than what you do say because when you leave people wondering what you are thinking… you still have the control…” Well, I may have doctored his words up a little but you get what he was trying to say. We all need to remember that little piece of advice… decide what hill we really want to did on… choose our battles and sometimes pass the sale rack and shut up. Smile…
      Hope everyone clicks on your link…. it is worth the read! Thanks for sharing!

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