Several months ago one of my managers asked me and another co-worker to sit in on a presentation for a new program for the place that I work. Currently the one we use for scheduling our client’s appointments, is pretty much pre-historic. There are a million clicks to get to one particular place, and I am sure that there are many more up to date, user friendly, ones out there. Each time I train a new employee, I realize just how much there is to teach them. When they look overwhelmed, I just tell them, “If >>I<<<< can learn it, ANYONE can! And for some reason they relax. What is that supposed to tell me? lol.  But in watching that presentation for the newer program we were looking at, I have to admit, I felt pretty overwhelmed myself.

The person giving the presentation used a clever term. He said, “Right now, it may seem as if you are being firehosed with information but you will learn it.” Okay so for me and my love for metahpors, I loved that! It describes so much in just that one word!  I have used that term since, when teaching our old system to new employees. Firehosed. Isn’t that good? Doesn’t that describe a whole host of things in our life where new information is concerned?

In This month’s magazine of The Writer there was a great article by Gene Perret called Write your book in bite-sized chunks  It really is a great article.  It talks about how no one sits down and writes a whole novel. Everyone goes back and edits, rewrites a thousand times and then a thousand more. Somehow that made me feel better about the four chapters I have waiting for me right beside my almost finished book! ( By the way you guys following me… and know about my 100 post promise to myself,  this one makes 90 posts!)

8 thoughts on “Firehosed

  1. I agree with Perret that novel writing should be done in chunks. As for editing, my personal belief is that the only good writing is good re-writing. As for you and what’s next to your bedside table, congratulations!

  2. What does information create – that is obvious – An abundance of information creates a poverty of attention ….
    Yes, Natalie Goldberg will tell you that you are not going to write that novel in one night … or ten. If you write a page a day for 400 days you’ll have 400 pages written … a page a day is reasonable, but it may take more than that to yield one … I don’t like to write, but everyone tells me I am good at it … so should I ?

    1. Yes you should! And I have a strange suspicion that you do like to write! You may even love to write. Because you are good at it! Hmmmm… take my little food for thought and chew on that one for a while>>>> 😉

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