Before you read this… I wanted to inform you that I DID receive a note from wordpress below (and pretty promptly if I do say so myself!)  that I wanted to share with you guys but this is a great reminder to back up our work!

wordpress circle

Wow, that was scary. I couldn’t get into my blog this morning. Anyone else ever had that problem? When I tried to click onto “Manage My Blog” it said that my blog had been archived or suspended. Huh? WHAT THE HECK? I mean seriously, WHY???


All I have written lately have been greeting cards to my loved ones due to my Hallmark Month of birthdays! Then I read…that if that really would happen, we would not get our content back!

broken typewriter

One of my initial reasons for starting a blog, was storing my book in a “safe” place as I wrote it. Obviously, it was a glitch today. But it made me realize that nothing is a for sure thing.

adelaide cemetary

Once I started wandering into the world of wordpress writers. I began to realize I loved it here. Funny how my heart kind of dropped when I thought that there was a possibility of losing you guys and not to mention… all of my hours and hours of work! It truly made me think. We need to back up our work constantly. Lesson learned today!

wordpress wrench

I have grown to love it here. And you guys have been amazing. The friendships that I have formed here are priceless to me. I feel as if we are kind of like a Thursday Writer’s Group. Meeting at a neighborhood Coffee place to get together and share our new stories and poems and give each other feedback and share tools and new sources. If only! I wish!

coffee cup

But in the mean time. I am blessed to have you. The thought of that door being closed and being locked out kind of freaked me out! I had come here this morning to write a new blog, free of birthday wishes, back to the norm. And was blindsided by feeling locked out. And then as I wandered around the Terms Of Service and found that we could have our whole blog removed without squatting rights…. well, it really make ya think!

So I just wanted to say. For a minute this morning I really took the time to realize how much you guys mean to me and to remind you….


typewriter keys2

23 thoughts on “Backing up our work!

    1. También me alegro de que el problema estaba resuelto! Gracias por siempre leer. Voy a aprender a traducir para que yo pueda seguir también!
      También tiene un gran fin de semana!

  1. Well, Diane, I wouldn’t have wanted to lose you either! And thanks for the tip! I’m really bad at backing things up. Lazy, you see. But you’ve given me a wake-up call, so here goes…

    Thank you for saying I was your teacher (in my comment box). I feel we are all each other’s teachers, as we see life from such different perspectives, and we all have so much to learn. I love your blogs, and often have things to think about afterwards. Lots of love to you.

  2. I write all my posts in a document first and then edit and post but I would be devastated to lose the community. How does one back up the follows and followers i wonder?? Perhaps i should ask WordPress, haha. Good to see their note.
    And such a lovely reminder of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ 🙂

    1. From what I read…. it says you lose all your content. I don’t think that any of us have much danger of having our accounts closed for any good reason but blips happen or like Jim mentioned hackers and technical stuff could so it is just good to remember to back up things. WORD in document form is one good way!

  3. Just received this guys! Wanted to share!

    In a message dated 3/18/2013 9:50:36 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
    Hi there,

    We experienced a temporary technical problem that made some sites appear incorrectly as being suspended. This issue has been resolved.

    If you still see any errors with your site, please write back with the address for your site and we’ll be happy to take a look.



    Happiness Engineer |

  4. Great advice .. not because of my writing .. but my photos I have to burn on CD’s soon .. because if my PC goes .. that is it. Thanks for reminding me. I hope it will not happen to you again.

    1. You’re welcome Viv!
      I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone! I did put in a note to them. But come to think ot it, I am not sure I have ever really corresponed personally with anyone from the powers that be at WordPress! I kinda feel like Dorothy knocking at the door asking to see the great and powerful OZ. lol.

      1. It has happen that google has come back .. saying that my domains to open google don’t excite, then suddenly everything is back to normal.
        Is it working for you now ????

  5. Gosh! how scary, I hope it never to happen again.The story of jimgramze is even more worrying. I have saved on words every article as it is easier to print out that way for me but I still hope my blog, which is like all of us, hours of work we can’t even count anymore, will never be erased. I am glad all ended well for you in the end 🙂

  6. I had a WordPress blog before, while I lived in Thailand. For a little over a year I was able to write an entry at least once each and every day for a full year. My blog was hacked by some Islamic person who destroyed my entire body of work and I had none of it backed up. Every page was overwritten with some nonsense about me being a baby killer. All gone, except for my analysis of the Bible which I still have today because I saved it all. I cannot replicate all that work, ever.

    Even if none of us is ever hacked in that manner, WordPress could simply go out of business or their servers could critically fail. Google recently decided to quit doing their Reader service which has a lot of people panicking and finding another solution — they are fortunate to get ample warning!

    I have a number of related articles on various topics that I would be horrified to lose and yet I have none of it backed up. Oddly, I have no intention to do so and that really puzzles me. In a way I’m thinking that if I started over to recreate certain things that matter to me I would do it better in hindsight, and hanging on too tightly to my first stab at things might hold me back instead of redesigning from scratch.


    1. Jim,
      As always, you put a spin on the way I look at things. 😉
      It could be refreshing to wipe the slate clean and start over but I guess I would have a LOT of trouble getting over being hacked or even just one random person wiping out a few years worth of writing backed up or not… especially with no warning.
      And especially since I actually started this blog to have a soft place to fall.

      1. In reality I was moderately traumatized by having my old blog wiped. One makes lemonade. I value my scars and embrace how they color my perspective because I have no choice. When I screw up I try to value knowing why I was wrong and have motivation to do better, but bottom line I wish I never made the wrong turns. Lemonade.

        1. You never stop do ya? Writing on my blog….
          YOUR Iconic blog topic ideas!
          I mean choose a TITLE:
          I value my scars and embrace how they color my perspective because I have no choice.
          Loved your comment!

  7. Wow I just got started and I love you guys already, and be it 1 week or 3 yrs it all means a lot when you have beautiful genuine friendships. I would be just as sad…so I pray that we never lose each other smile!

    1. Sooo glad you are here! We welcome you with open arms. Kinda freaked me out this morning that I wouldn’t be able to reply today! Glad it was just a glitch. I look forward to long friendships as well!

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