(Please read to the end, I promise there is a redeeming moral to this rant!)

I have a dirty little secret that I really am not proud of. I don’t make a habit of bragging about it and I really never thought that I would ever watch them when I heard the concept of the first one. But I kind of like those Reality Shows.  I even remember making a comment like “they will never catch on.” But from the start of Big Brother on, I have to admit, I have my favorites. And I think if I could just stick to the ones on HGTV I might be able to salvage some kind of respect from you guys but I have to admit that one of my all time favorites is “Flipping Out” I love Jeff Lewis and want to be just like Jenni! If only! She should win an award in patience and looking the other way. And I should take her lead! Like I said, If ONLY!!!!But the other day I was watching a marathon of re-runs when I heard someone talking about one of Jeff’s assistances always being nervous and rattled and how instead of working in such a high stress job for Jeff, he should work at “a spa or something like that.”

I had to laugh. My coworkers and I have joked about how we could have our own sit-com at the spa where I work! The computers are constantly going down, or one of the spas that rent by the hour  are not always working and the staff is LESS than Zen sometimes!!!! My friend and I joke that sometimes it just feels like we are Lucy and Ethel trying to keep up with the conveyor belt at the candy factory. Some days, we have asked; “Do you want to be Lucy or Ethel today?”

The customers never know what they want. They call in and usually just tell us that they want an appointment and  then get annoyed if we ask too many questions and yet if they say that they would like an appointment on Thursday, we are supposed to be mind readers and KNOW their name,  what kind of service and when and for how many people. It is like taking a multiple question quiz before we finally book them! After we ask, “What time on Thursday, they will usually ask “what time do you have? My response will politely be.. .”So, we are open twelve hours, you just tell me when you would like to come in and I will try to fit you in as close to that time as possible.” And their usual response might be…. “ANYTIME is fine”….so I will say “well then, I have a ten AM” and they will almost always say something like,  “Oh we didn’t want morning, do you have something after 4PM?” Ahhh… well, then that’s not ANY time… right? When we ask for a credit card to confirm, they want to know why or have to run to their car to get their purse! WHO leaves their purse and/or wallet in their car? I guess half of our customers!!! (Seriously, if you are leaving your purse in the car…. WHY? didn’t your mom teach you that was not a good idea?)

Even though it is on our site, they want to know prices etc. I am happy to give them any information or offer to give them our website, they tell me they are looking at it. Funny thing is… every question they ask is freaking right there in front of them. Not until after I book their appointment do they mention that : “Oh I wanted four appointments.” Okaay then.

So then when they get there and I ask them if they have ever been there because clients also get annoyed if they have to hear the same script and will stop you half way through if they know it, some will say yes, that they actually were just there so I hand them their locker key to save them from having to hear my little script and they they turn around and ask where to go. (I thought you said you were just here?!) But of course I just sweetly and Zen like, (whatever that is) lead them back to their locker and deliver the speech that I give all NEW customers. But that’s okay, the CUSTOMERS are easy!

It is all those Zenny Therapists that really make our day! Sweet as a sugar cubes to our faces as they gossip and write emails to each other and management about how inept we are behind our backs. But then maybe why “backs” are their specialty, they know the perfect place to stab us when we aren’t looking.  Of course it is our fault when the computers go down or a Customer doesn’t show up. And God forbid if they feel we didn’t give them an appointment that they feel was their turn to receive!

Last week the computers went down and we were literally blind. How did we do it back in the day? I remember a thing called pegboard bookkeeping. We had to learn it in school. I mean, what would happen if all the computers went out? I don’t know but  I do know it wasn’t Zenish nor do I think Jeff Lewis, let alone his assistant would have wanted my job last week! But reeeally, not to worry! I have had an attitude adjustment and have been redeemed for another work week and even if I hadn’t~ usually the customer is none the wiser and never sees the behind the scenes break downs I have described nor knows anything different than the Zenniest experience they were looking for!


When someone comments “What a nice place to work” I smile and nod and I really am thankful that I have a job and that I get to work at such a beautiful place out in the country and yet as I am piling another load of towels into the washer I think to myself. “It would be even nicer if I was the one in the robe once in a while!”

And then I remember…. A little quote I heard and stop all my whining and seriously decide to have a better day regardless of the sometimes airbrained questions or feelings of not being fully appreciated ….

Hmmm… so I go through all of my venting and rambling and realize that I need to book an appointment  for a Mammogram at our local Imaging Center so I call to book the appointment, and all of a sudden my mind goes blank and I am in the midst of doing  ALL the things I just complained about… As the sweet sounding woman on the other end of the phones says… “May I help you?” And I say… uh… yeah, I need an appointment……” And wonder if she is sighing….she doesn’t sound like it… and that is when I hope that I sound just as compassionate to my own clients, on the other end of my own phone today!

  “ If you want others to be happy, practice
compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

― Dalai Lama

6 thoughts on “WARNING! One big FAT Vent!

  1. I don’t like the competition reality shows where the contestants vote off who they think is most likely to win. When I watch a game show I don’t want such a real-life situation, I want things to be fair for a change.

    While in Thailand I got a massage each week, sometimes twice. The price varied but my favorite masseuse charged $15 USD for a two-your full body oil massage. She was an artist, not like the hacks I have experienced here in the USA for more like $70 USD for 40 minutes. I have many stories I could write just about that. Typically you just walked in although you could have a regular appointment. I did find that a massage from a particular person is like a story or a song and you want to hear it again and again then you go to the same person. I liked some variety but I certainly went to my favorites again and again. I so very much miss that and never get a massage anymore as there is no good place I know of and spending nearly a hundred dollars only to be disappointed time and again has caused me to give up on the whole thing.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this… I loved it! I am still smiling as I can feel your pain… the old been there done that! LOL It was a joy to read this, even if that sounds mean.. it is not.. pppssttt have to admit myself I have a bad weakness for Reality shows.. hangs head low Hello my name is Tracey and I am addicted to “Duck Dynasty… and eerrr a few others” sigh Keep up the great work I can not wait to check out more on your blog!

  3. I enjoyed ur honesty and transparency. It’s tough dealing with people in the service industry. It’s okay to vent, reboot and start again tomorrow. Hugs and tons of love and mercy sent ur way!!! xo

    1. Ahhh thanks Arlene! I reeeally do love my customers and for the most part, when I am in a good place…. I enjoy getting an annoyed client or coworker to do a 180 if they are having a bad day…. and for that matter even the dumb questions hopefully go un-noticed by me more than not… but that day in particular, well it was BAD and I came to my soft place to vent and those of you who stayed till the end of my LONG vent got to see that I did try to come around and try to convey that I really know I am no smarter than the dumbest question I am asked. lol. Thanks for hanging in with me and your sweet words of affirmation! I need all the validation I can get! Grin~

  4. Have never watched the HGTV show you talk about, but I will tell you I’ve been to a few spas. Your post (sad to say) feels like I’ve just been de-robed. I’ve been reading your posts because you sound like you prefer ‘the higher road’, so this one caught me off guard. I’m so sorry you feel that way. I’ll try to do better the next time I decide to ‘spa it’. Sorry.

    1. I do try to take the higher road most of the time! This was supposed to be a comedy of errors, not to be taken so personally. And not to be defensive on my part, but I DID start with a disclaimer… warning ya that this was a vent!
      I feel that our blogs are a mixture of our life. Sorry, but this is part of mine. I’ve gotta write my honest feelings on my OWN blog, and sometimes I just need to vent. Didn’t mean to offend. Perhaps enlighten. Even I needed a reminder when I booked my appointment!
      I think that WE ALL could use a little reminder and need to understand and appreciate how hard the hospitality industry works to give us a nice experience ~ especially when we are the ones in the robes! Just saying! 😉

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