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Why Blog? Lately, I have been asked this question by a handful of people and have run into it in a few Q & A writer’s forums.  Are they just curious?Why do I feel as if I need to “defend”  the time I spend on my blog?  It has made me ponder my own reasons for being here. I recently read about a writer who has come to the conclusion that her little projects including blogging do not take away from her “main” project at hand but enhance it. I also feel that each piece we write, regardless of the feedback we may or may not get, can strengthen our final results. Since each time we write, we are exercising our writer’s muscles, toning and working toward that final goal.

sit ups

With all that being said,  I  still wonder if I am procrastinating, Am I not finishing my book by being here? I have this urge to stomp my foot and say; “But I like it here and I don’t want to leave!”  I value what you have to say and have to admit that there is great affirmation knowing that talented writers like you guys have taken the time to read my ramblings and in turn, also find value in them! In the beginning, it amazed me that even one person was interested enough to come by to read what I wrote.  Now it inspires me to know that I am building my audience and that I might say something helpful or inspirational to just one person is enough. One at a time is fine with me.

blog readerssss

My readers…. Smile

Some of us who have seen Julia & Julia can relate where she begins her blog and her following of readers progress. I have been there. Haven’t you? Where someone begins to follow you because they like your writing. They see something worth following. It is quite validating. Writing connects us. When someone says; :”You took what was inside my head and made it come to life.” Well, does it get any better? It is addicting.

blogging door

I know that if we had a Writer’s Group on Thursday nights at a local coffee-house, I would look forward to each meeting with all of you! In the meantime, I love our connection and have learned so much from you, and your feedback here and reading your blogs as well. For instance, Paul took the time to edit a couple of my “chapters” when I posted my very rough draft versions from my book here. He pointed out that I insert the word: HAD a lot. I am slowly re-editing a chapter at a time and totally see how I do that and how taking that one word out, does not detract from anything at all! In fact, it polishes it! I have another friend who has basically gone through the backdoor of my blog and read every post from the beginning. Talk about affirming.

I have been inspired by each of your blogs, regardless of gender or age! Your notes of encouragment as you have read faithfully what I write can’t be duplicated. Just knowing that you feel that my blog is worth your time is like a piece of chocolate cake without the calories!

reading comp manreading compreading computer2

In my imagination, we are all sitting in our circle of writer/blogger friends sharing and connecting, encouraging and editing. That is why I blog! How about you guys? I’d love to hear about your reasons. Welcome to our first Thursday night Bloggers Circle… who would like to be the first to share?


59 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. You got the right ideal blogging to me is if just one person reads thats awesome,
    Jim Morrison from the band the doors was a great poet, and he put together alot of poems from something like a blog and put out alot of books hope this encourges you to write on. and on

  2. Blogging explores the human connection. It gives people from different walks of life a perform to see how we can walk the same. Its like listening to a person’s heart beat without going through all the surface. We can laugh, cry, and relate….as stranger we build closer connections than friends. Blogger isn’t a book or movie but real life dialogue. It isn’t all about self express; its about ability express one’s self. Its an escape from trying to escape, explanations in public that feel so private….why I like blogging is because it Can make several, one and bring me one step closer to what sometimes seems so far!!!!

  3. I asked a few publishers around what’s the scene with poetry. They said it’s a blog product. I didn’t know what that meant, no exposure to blogging then.
    Now I see virtue in what they said. The response is right there. Be it my writings or images which is more important to me than being published. That can wait. I’ve got ample time.
    Moreover, I have and I belong to a community now which I’m so proud of. They care for me and it’s mutual. I learn from them a lot more than I share what I’ve got. Blessed.

    1. Arjun,
      I know! I think you capsulized it in your reply! It is an amazing community that we have found ourselves in… huh?
      I have a feeling that if we actually could get together one day a week at a little out of the way coffee house and just read to each other and network and share our passion of writing… most of us would loyally show up, more so than other commitments in our life.
      There is something about hanging out with someone with the same passion as you that is so validating!
      Thank you for your wonderful perspective and taking time to share it here! Have a blessed week! 😉

  4. I love this post, and once again you’re in my head! I’ve had people commend what I’m doing while expressing that it’s not their cup of tea and that’s totally fine! however, there has been a time or two when someone insinuated that I was doing this because it was the “big cool thing to do” or because it made me feel self-important. What I thought to be ironic is the fact that one of these individuals posts her every waking moment on facebook, but somehow sees blogging as an unneccessary waste of time. When directly asked this question at that time,this was my response:

    “The fact that so many of us take the time to post anything on the various social media outlets (fb, twitter, blogs, etc.) indicates that there’s a certain satisfaction and enjoyment in being able to express your thoughts with your friends or a specific community. It’s nice to be able to cast such a wide net and connect with so many people.

    Wanting to connect with, and uplift others is why I initially started blogging, and being able to grow in my passion for writing in the meantime has been a blessing. Whether it’s scripture, personal experiences, or a combo of both, I try to share what’s relatable in hopes of encouraging someone along the way. There are a host of other purposes from being educational, motivational, and making money, to sharing ideas and promoting endeavors. The list goes on, but we all find our inspiration in different ways and thru various outlets. It’s definitely cathartic for me as well, helping me to maintain my sense of self as I’ve transitioned into a new phase (motherhood) in my life.”

    The same holds true today, and the icing on the cake is how much I love my blogger friends! You know that you’re at the top of the list! xoxo

    1. Patricia,
      Ahhh!!!! I have had that too! They even use the same phrase “cup of tea!!!”
      It is so condescending.
      Sometimes I also feel that the people in my life don’t always want to read a poem I wrote or whatever project I am working on. So be it. They don’t have to. That is what I have you guys for! And if one of you happens to be someone in my life I know and chooses to come in and read here… Well, then you guys are my favorited above the others! LOL. JUST kidding! But kind of not…
      I mean, if you have passion for something, you want to hang out with other people who have the same… right? If it is not their cup of tea… well, so be it. But don’t get mad when I spend my time with people who have the same interest. I mean, if you are a young mom, your kids are your passion and you want to hang out with other young moms. If you love The Lord, same thing… You connect with others who love HIM too. Cuzz you get it! If you are a teacher or a writer or a reader… there are book clubs etc.. Ya know. I don’t mind when people ask why I blog if they really want to know. But if they are judging why I blog then I gotta admit that is the very reason why I wrote this post.
      As always thank you for being so inside my head as well!!!!
      You are one of the reasons I blog…
      Not only because you read what I write but because of the friendships our writing has made and in turn, connected us which is a great blessing. Sooo I don’t really feel that I have to explain. If they want to know they can read this! 😉

      1. I have a huge smile on my face right now. All I can add to that is Amen and Amen! I wish I could “like” your reply because you truly summed it up. For those who are so “concerned” about our blogging I say let us do what makes us happy, and instead worrying about it, find something your passionate about and go forth! LOL!

        Love you friend!!

        1. Love you back! I blog because I have made friends like you!
          I blog because it is my passion.
          I blog because I couldn’t imagine not.
          I have tried to take breaks and that is okay…
          But blogging is so different than facebook.
          It is actually getting people who seek out what you say and
          sorry, but not everyone in my daily life affirms me like my followers do.
          I mean they have the choice to read me or not. When they choose to…
          Well, it kind of must feel a bit like hitting the top ten best seller list of the day. I don’t care if I get 100 LIKES it is the one or two friends like you that GET me and I GET them that makes me happy to keep my blog going strong.

  5. Good question and much of what you say I have lately been discussing with my wife (i’m a photo-story blogger, she more a writing blogger). Does it take away form her ‘real’ writing … does it take me away from “real’ work … or does it enhance – and what is ‘real’ anyways … the bottom line for me, is a healthy dose of blogging is good – i build connections, and express my voice – and feel my voice is heard. On the other hand I am careful – too much of a good thing, yes, it is addictive (like my 4th cup of coffee this morning). Having said this – I better go outside and do a few chores! Thanks for an interesting post.

    1. Bruce ~
      Your pictures are great and I love the way you write as well. I feel it is an art to combine both. I feel we get good feedback, whether constructive or sugary as another blogger suggested. I want it all! I do like to know the truth though… like you… I know you read this before you LIKED it. I love that! I have put aside this afternoon to write and I need to get moving but I really loved what you had to say and am going back to click follow right now! 😉

  6. It feels pretentious to think, “My words are worth the time of strangers.” But after joining an in-person writing & critique group, the encouragement I received inspired me to take it a step further and venture out into the blogging world. Usually, once I’ve discovered a thing, it is no longer a cool thing to do. (For example, I joined MySpace seemingly just in time for it to become the most reviled social media out there.) But blogging at least seems a safe bet.
    And what I value most are the interactions with other people – the sense of commonality. I’m not alone in feeling the way I do, in thinking certain thoughts, in pursuing becoming a better me. I get to share it with so many others.
    Really, I’m just repeating a lot of what you and others have said. But that’s still why I blog too.

    1. I LOVE your blog and your writing so I am glad that you were encouraged to blog. Your writing is definitely worth my time. Look at it this way… most of us our striving to be published. Our goal has been to be an author of our work. How many of us personally know our favorite authors? Just think how many strangers read their work! What makes you or any of us for that matter, any less worthy?! 😉

  7. Only yesterday someone (a lovely man and an introvert) said he couldn’t understand the point of blogging. Full stop. He would rather stick his fingers in his eyes I imagine. Aren’t people so different? Thank goodness for that. We need the talkers and the listeners. And as you say in this comment above ‘I can count on strangers’ – not everyone will ‘get’ us, so the ones that do (strangers who are connected and become friends) are precious.

    It’s like a gift when they read. We are all bombarded with free, fascinating stuff to see, do, watch, read so the fact that our words are worthy of someone’s time is amazing. I do NOT take it for granted. I was also beside myself when I got a follower 🙂

    1. I have a few friends who have amazing stories and I think that they have almost gotten angry when I suggest that they write. But I guess I get it… My mom has always wanted to teach me how to knit. I wish I could… I just am not that interested to get that frustrated. My daughter and my niece love to knit so she is fine… lol… Some of these replies here were priceless. I loved them all!

  8. Hi Diane!! 🙂 I want you to know that I ask myself the exact same questions every time I get on here! And I come up with the exact same responses. I hope I am not just rationalising my ego to get some more affirmation and that the connections on here aren’t addictive enough to deter my main goal, (writing my own novel). I like what you say about exercising our writing muscles, that will buy me some more time on here hahaha, Yet I have been taking a break from the blogosphere lately, still writing but not trying to keep up with all the reading as much. That is the most time consuming part. I want to stay in touch, I want to read them all but it is definitely a distraction from my book writing. I am sad that I have missed so many awesome posts, like this one, so I am glad I dropped back in to say Hi and have a read again. Blessings to you!

    1. Hi!
      You have been missed for sure! But I sooo get it. I will sit down to start writing and do everything but. Like today and the blog I just posted was so unecesarry but I reblogged an article and by the time I did… I wasted over an hour! Though sometimes I do feel as if I am sharpening my writing skills by adding to my file… I think it is more of an ego thing and I need to get to work too! (But lets face it… if you take a break for a few days… even if you have a stack of posts in your archives it takes an especially interested reader to take the time to go back and look them up) Good for you! I need to follow you out the door and pull up my “WRITING” chair and actually get to work!

  9. Hi Diane,

    Just read your blog for the first time…in fact, although I hate to admit it, it’s the first blog I’ve ever read in my entire life! It was wonderful! And, all these people who respond – ‘Your devoted followers – Zowie! How encouraging this must be for you..especially when they take the time to read, as well as respond…that’s better than Christmas morning when you’re about seven!

    It has been your absolutely magnificent mother-in-law who has given me soooo much encouragement to ‘give it a go’…(of course, she really has no idea what an idiot I am about these things…like, websites, blogs and some weird thing called electricity.) My husband,( also computer-challenged) and I worked for FOURTEEN hours..yes, count them – 14 hours – yesterday trying to set up an account. About half way through I couldn’t decide whether to divorce him or kill him…I’m certain he felt the same way, however, when we finally went to bed we were so exhausted that we both fell into hysterical laughter over the condition of our feeble, dim-witted minds. Anyway, I do intend to persevere and, who knows, maybe soon, I’ll have some sort ‘of thing that resembles my own blog…”The Blog”, hummm, wasn’t that one of Steve McQueen’s very first movies?

    Looking forward to reading more of your encouraging words, Diane. Right now , as I, once again, attack this ‘blog thing’ I think I’ll first go read that passage from Paul in Philippians…you know: “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead…” (Of course, as far as I know, the apostle Paul never tried to set up his own blog!)

    Luv’ n Other Good Stuff,


    1. Hi Judy,
      I already love you! You are a metaphor gal and that is my thing! Just your comment made me laugh! Your style of writing is going to be eaten up! You are right, when someone likes something that you do, it is so affirming, whether it is a special recipe or admiring your art work in a gallery, whatever your passion may be, you already know your heart, but when people appreciate what you do, it is like Christmas morning when you are seven. Exactly! I couldn’t have said it better myself!
      Welcome to this crazy world! I have to forewarn you, it is addicting! As someone pointed out, it is like throwing out a message in a bottle and seeing what comes back~ you can sometimes get caught up in reading all the messages that come back rather than working on your project at hand, but it is a great place to start to get your feet wet and network. Everyone here is super helpful so if you have any questions please feel free to email me.
      I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to read your blog as well!

      1. Wow, Diane! I actually heard from you! I’m in shock…I mean, it took both my husband and me about 30 minutes to figure out how to just to ‘send’ my message to you…sticking it in one of those bottles and throwing into the ocean would have been faster! But, ‘Viola’, I have ‘arrived’ and “I come in peace”.

        I can certainly see how this can become addicting…shoot! And just when I kicked my ‘sugar’ habit.

        Well, right now, I’ve gotta run real quick and mutilate a few veggies and other such animals for tomorrow. It’s my team’s turn up at bat for ‘Yo Mama-in-law’s ‘After services Coffee Fellowship-Fandango’. (That title is a little misleading…actually, it’s much easier to ‘put the thing on’ than it is to say” Coffee Fellowship-Fandango” three times in a row…which is good, because no one needs to anyway!)

        So, now that you and I are people from the Land of Blog (well, you are anyway…I’m still working on becoming a citizen) we’ll stay in touch…and thank you SOOOOO much for the encouraging words…no wonder you’re in that Reed family! Encouragement is definitely their bag.

        1. Oh, I don’t envy you the feat of the feast. I have to agree the title is misleading. I think that it could make a pretty funny reality show… all those ladies… so creatively feeding those after church minglers. Seems more like a competition to me. I have never heard of such fancy Coffee fellowship muchies. Here at our church, donuts are as good as it gets! 😉
          The way Dar prepares things you would think it was for royalty. LOL. But you mentioned veggies so I am sure “she” will approve.
          She is right. You have an Erma Bombeck flair that the world has missed!
          Glad you are not hiding it under a bushel any longer.
          Don’t feel bad… my husband is a computer whiz and he can’t figure out how to :”follow” my blog so he gets notified everytime my pretty little head has something to say (or at least that’s his story and he’s sticking to it!) lol.

  10. I appreciate this post greatly. I connect with it in more ways than one. I have recently taken on a venture in the online world as of 4 months ago. I did not want to blog or shoot any vlogs of myself. All it took was for me to just start doing it. It has actually turned into something amazing as I can see you have connected with my blog as well. The community I had found through a close friends has truly changed my life positively. I had 0 intention of any of this 4 months ago but because of one decision I made to join this community, I have self developed into something I am even surprised of.

    I genuinely appreciate your site and the kind words you left on my site. I will be around here as well more often and hope to connect again.

    Take Care,


  11. Diane, truly, I wish I could Reply to everyone of the above comments, including yours. I am very impressed and I thank each one of you for sharing your heart. I do so want to start blogging and am now more convinced than ever. Getting started is scary though wondering if anything I could say would be of interest or encouragement to another soul! Also, the time it takes is scary too. Love what you do. Carol

    1. Carol,
      I am so touched that you take the time to read my ramblings and your comments have meant so much to me.
      You are one of the bravest people I know! So that being said… I feel that so many people would love your blog and what you have to say!
      I feel that it would be such a waste if we never got to experience your amazing talents.
      It is not scary here I promise. The people here are amazingly supportive and the feedback is like one of my fellow blogger friends stated…. putting your message in a bottle and seeing who returns it! I love that metaphor because it is so true!

  12. I started blogging about 2 years back. In fact the reason, why I started it became About me page 🙂
    I was so happy, as if I have put a message in a bottle and threw it in ocean. And waiting to know if soneone found it.

    I would share with my wife and daughter, when I had a reader on my blog.

    Soon my daughter, 10, wanted to blog too.

    It has become a fun subject. We share because we care. And we will continue doing so.

    I experience such a spectrum of emotions as I come across people from across the world. I look forward to see a post or note from them. We seem to have got connected without intention. What a lovely way to connect and care.

    1. I love your metaphor about the message in the bottle!!! Throwing our messages out there and waiting to see who returns it!!!! Oh my gosh… If I had thought of that one… it would have been the title of my blog… I love it so much!!!! That was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree. I’m always looking to get things out of my head! LOL. And I love you guys. Ya gotta love the ones who take the time to read cuz they choose to… not because you have a captured audience that can’t get away! lol… Sometimes I will be driving in the car and ask my husband, do you want me to read to you? What’s he gonna say? lol.

  13. Very good post, I have been pondering on that one too and have come to the same conclusions, it keeps us striving toward… exercising more often our writing and therefore getting better, it gets and looks polished once it’s out there in our blog

  14. You really can’t give up something which brings you closer to a lot of wonderful, talented people can you? Some even takes it a step higher and like you not just for your talent but for the person behind the writing. 🙂

  15. I resisted blogging for years, but when my last book came out, my publisher insisted I do it. Now, I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I feel almost obligated to post my daily encouragements, and my two or three poems a week. In the beginning, my goal was to gain viewers/readers, but now, I simply want to encourage those who read the blog. And, as you mentioned, if only one or two a day (or week, or month) are encouraged, then I’ve done something worthwhile.
    As for the bloggers I follow; I follow only those whose style and content inspire and encourage me. I’d follow more, but I simply don’t have the time.
    Those who follow me seem to come and go, and that’s okay. My message and even my poetry, is simple and repetitive, so I can see where a reader might get bored with it after awhile. I don’t concern myself with those who don’t read; I’m just thrilled with those who do, and hope I encourage someone every day.
    I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.
    Great post!

        1. Never! When I know someone took the time to read what I wrote and comments on it… that is already a gift but when they add to what I feel, that is magic!

  16. Lovely post Diane, and you should never justify to others anything you do. If you justify your blogging time, then I suspect it is a justification to yourself, so let go and just write because we love it when you do! I like blogging because when I write I tell the truth, and sometimes I’m even shocked at what that truth is! So writing brings revelation to me. And I just like writing, period.

    1. Yaz… You are one of my biggest teachers probably because I feel so informed by you in so many ways. I always feel honored to get an AWARD but don’t have a lot of time to follow thru and feel that other bloggers may feel the same so don’t take the time to give them out like I should after receiving them but if I could give you the bloggers’s Teacher of the decade award I would! Not only because your blog is so informative but also because of the other side of you… the one that so GETS us all! When you said that you just love writing and sometimes you are shocked at the truth, it resonated so much with me. I sometimes feel as if I am teaching myself when I write. That the words come from a place so deep inside of me, that I have not reached yet. Do you even get what I mean?
      Anyway, I love writing and I’m not going to stop. And you guys read my “stuff” I can’t say that about some of the others who tease me about the time I spend here so… guess I just needed validation. Maybe someday I will get to the place where it won’t matter what anyone else says but in the meantime, it feels good that someone else GETS what I am saying and relates. I blog because I blog. I blog because I love to write and I blog because I am guaranteed that at least one peron will read my words without me having to feel I am forcing them to listen! 😉

  17. I blog, therefore I am.

    I do find blogging useful for a number of reasons. It is a way to spout off without interruption, it is practice in writing as I always attempt to make my posts somewhat polished, and maybe most importantly it helps me get my thoughts together in a less jumbled way. The simple music theory posts I’ve settled into recently is helping me to better understand music as do my real-life students.

    Oddly, I get more comments via e-mail than on my blog site. Maybe some people don’t want to give out their address? Whatever. I have fun doing it and I find it fulfilling and enriching, that’s good enough.

  18. People do things that give them some sense of relaxation, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, etc. It’s not important what others think or feel. It is important that it gives you satisfaction and fulfillment. That’s all that’s important !

    1. You are right Paul. Sometimes we put more value in what others think rather than how we truly feel! Good food for thought. Not sure why I let opinions affect me more than necesarry!

  19. Hey girl! What a beautiful tribute to all your readers. That was really sweet what you wrote. I agree 10000% with everything you said. I’m always fascinated by my subscribers. I appreciate them all. In fact, I appreciate some of them so much I was wondering, how do you get that “Blogs I follow” at the right side of your blog? I’d like to add that to my page too. I know you have to go to Appearances, but then do I go to widgets? Please let me know! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I always look forward to your blog! You are always so supportive. And just an example of why I blog! 😉
      To show case who you follow… go to your name up at the top of your page and click on it, then go to manage my blog and click on your blogs when you get to the page that lists your most recent posts go to the left sidebar and I think it is settings or tools???
      Hmmm… well, this site should help! Let me know if you don’t find your answer here and I will figure out how I got it. LOL… I just did it about a month ago… As my dad says> “How soon do you need to know?” lol.

      1. Oh wow! I thought it was easier than that! :p Or maybe I’m too tired now to comprehend. Ok. I’m going to try it out maybe this weekend. I’m about to post a photo now. Thanks for your help! 🙂

        1. I looked again and figured it out!
          You go to that sidebar on the left and click on Appearance and then Widgets and you will see Blogs I follow, click on that and just follow the prompts!
          Seeeee… I knew I could figure it out. It’s only hard because I do everything backwards and then forget how I got there! lol!

  20. I just saw an article title from “The Onion” that was something like, “Find Your Passion and Do It Every Evening and Weekend”. I’m like you – writing in general and blogging in particular is one of my passions right now (and it sure beats watching television).

    Nice post.

  21. Everything you said is so true! I actually call everyone I read or who reads my blog a blogger “friend” because even though we’ve never met, we care about each other. We encourage each other and want everyone to succeed at whatever it is they want to do. I write because I love to write, whether it’s on my blog or in a journal or in a word processer where I write my stories. I blog because it is fun and rewarding to find out that other people think I’m interesting and I learn so much! It’s just fun.

    1. Julie,
      Your words pricked my heart! I so agree. FRIEND is the right word for the bloggers I have followed and the ones who follow me. I can’t always expect the friends or family I know to want to read every thought in my silly little head. But I can count on strangers who have found my words worthy of their time. Who would you rather hang out with? EXACTLY!

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