I woke up to this wonderful post this morning. This is my daughter’s blog. She doesn’t write quite as often as I do so when she does it is a special treat for me! She used to tag along to my art shows and now she has me tagging along to hers! She is a talented actress and moved to Los Angeles over five years ago to pursue her dreams of becoming one. She has finished school, and continues to take classes and has joined SAG which is not a small task in it’self. Her jobs that she works are all acting related but in the mean time she has started “crafting” in a way of sculpting and painting and everytime she creates something new I am blown away. It’s funny, when she was younger, I could tell that she was a talented writer. Once her English teacher even cried when he read something that she wrote. I hoped that her degree would be pursuing writing in someway. Now she is writing screenplays and living her life with a passion that makes me glad that I didn’t hold her back from doing exactly what she was good at… And at the risk of sounding a bit like a BRAG BOOK…. It seems like THAT is just about a little of everything! Please take the time to follow my best friend on her journey as she becomes exactly who she is supposed to be.

Fern & Bone

My grandmother used to sew clothes for us from funny Walmart patterns with wonderfully dated fabrics. I recently found an old pair stuffed in a drawer at my parents’ house and I’ve been wearing them while sculpting and painting. They are oversized with a black on white flower pattern circa 1970s, or so they look. They also flare out like a skirt. But they are so comfy. I’ve had them since I was a kid and my cousin had a matching pair, only then, they went all the way down to our knees. I remember rolling out of bed every weekend around noon, after my grandma would peak her head in the door for the 5th time pleading with Danielle and me to get out of bed, worried that “it’s not healthy.” We’d probably find some fresh baked banana bread or bran muffins (which don’t sound amazing but oh, they…

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15 thoughts on “Funny Little Flower Shorts

  1. Mom, that’s such a wonderful daughter and seems like she’s very much like you ! Very insightful ! I’ll be following her as well ! Have a wonderful weekend dear beautiful mom. Sincerely Debbie

  2. Thank you everyone who took the time to go read my baby’s blog!!!! It means a lot! Whether you LIKED it or commented on it… I loved going there and seeing my friends there! You guys are the BEST!

  3. Good job Brookie! Your mom has good taste in names. My daughters name is Brooke also. She is also called Brookie ; )

    1. Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for your supporting my daughter! I was so touched to see how my friends all went and took the time to check out her blog! And we must be kindred spirits. We both love the name Brooke. Don’t you find that most Brookes are great?! 😉

  4. Awe thanks mama you are so sweet! I woke up to so much blog activity this morning, no doubt many of them are your followers: )

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