Sowing Seeds

I laugh in the face of  your anguish.

My revenge is in your unrest.

sad man silloette

You came back to claim my innocence,

your anger, my  last test.

siloette of couple fighting

You cried for my forgiveness

as you tried to steal my soul,

sad guy under tree

cleverly claiming ignorance

as you continued to dig the hole.

Planting seeds beneath the surface,

as they grew to strangle me.

sad woman

You told me you were planting beauty,

when you were only sowing weeds.


Diane Reed


Once again… I want to say that this is just for my book! I need poems that go with the stories I am writing. This is NOTHING to do with now… so no worries!

35 thoughts on “Sowing Weeds

      1. You’re welcome, Diane. I hope it’s sending people over your way and they will enjoy your site as much as I have. Happy Monday! 🙂

    1. Jim…
      Sometimes you talk over my head… 😉
      is that good or bad? lol.
      As I write my story… in front of each chapter I am putting a poem or a part of a poem so that is where they are coming from. Debby G suggested that I move everything over to another blog as if it is happening now… actually after this poem. So is that kind of what you are talking about?
      This one actually is going to be in front of one of the last chapters… so I am progressing.

      1. What I meant was that the poem would be even more effective directly in the context of Kerri’s story, which is exactly what you are intending. You are so on the right track!

  1. You are a brilliant writer…. you have the ability to say in a few words what sums up a whole catastrophe of a painful past….
    “Planting seeds beneath the surface, as they grew to strangle me”. …..

    Brilliant 🙂

    1. Elizabeth,
      I love that you are following and reading and that you can relate to my words! My prayer is that you can also relate to the poems of empowerment and that you sieze each day and find the joy!
      Have a good weekend my friend!

    1. Bill,
      You inspire me to always want to be better… to not focus on the negatives in life but to look and be grateful for all that is good!!! So I always hesitate to write poems like these… knowing you might read them. And you always blow me away by seeming to understand!
      Thanks for reading and “getting” it. 😉

  2. Di, your material is just so deep and engaging, its like it should all be together in a book, one just wants to keep reading this continuation story. Now, I know this is your book, in fact much of what you write is out of your book. Have you thought of opening another website and writing as Carrie? A place where you could right all this poetry and keep it all relating to the book? Just a thought! Oh and lol, do you know how many times I could not get to your page the long way when wordpress wouldn’t let me in? I typed your website name over and over and only last night realized you are not DianeReedwriter you are DianeReedWiter!

    1. Debbie you are brilliant! What a great idea! So I’d be writing fictionally without explaining that I am not me?
      By the way I’ve accumulated a bunch of my wordpress poems in one place! So thanks for prompting me to do that!
      Oh and yeah as you recall I was a ditz/novice at blogging when I began this blog and I am sure it was user error but they’d said writer waa taken so I made it witer. Stupid move! Lol.

      Ih and

      1. Lol, duh, I just caught on the other day why the heck I couldn’t type in your URL and get there, And yes, there are many bloggers that have 2 sites and keep one to write as though they are the character of the book, their feelings and thoughts (the character). Yes, I am so full of good ideas, I suppose I should get them to work! Yes, Diane Reed, need not be part of the page and of course you could promote that page to get your followers to follow you there! If I was writing about someone other than me I would be doing that but as a memoir and nonfiction writer my first and second book pertain to me and my thoughts. 🙂 Always glad to inspire my friend! xo

      2. Oh and one more thing I just noticed..OMG am I a writer? In my other response to you I wrote right instead of write, holy crap where is my head, how am I to get any credibility with stupid words like that?

  3. So, so clever. While there may not be an outward confrontation, enough damage can be done with the seeds which grow into something capable of strangling you later. Fantastic imagery and metaphor. I was there with you, wondering where the damn stranglers could have appeared from.

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