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It’s been a while since I’ve written and even longer since I’ve worked on “my book.”  It’s funny. Once, I couldn’t “not” write. Now, I am not in a major writing block but I don’t want to just write to write. I have fleeting moments when I want to share something but if I don’t move on it right away, it kind of goes away like blowing bubbles… they are there floating around and then POP! Maybe it is because my study is out there with my art studio now. I have to walk outside, unlock a door and turn on a light and warm the place up before I can begin, where once I just walked to my office inside the house. Or… Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and my ideas in my head don’t last as long. Smile.

But in the time I’ve been away from my blog, I have a few things that have happened in life that I would like to share if you would care to pull up a chair for a while and chat with me…

In dreams… I’ve learned that you have to believe in yourself. and you have to become fearless in doing it. Even when you feel you are wasting time, or doubts crowd in so you can’t see the whole picture, you have to realize that dreaming is a form of planning and that nothing worth while ever just happens. Hard work and persistence is the only way you reach your goals. You must run toward your dreams as if you were on fire! And believe that you are never too old to set another goal and another, to reach that ultimate place that you want to be. The trick is… to realize that there is no expiration date on your dream. It is terrifying at times, when reality gets in the way and you have to make the choice to stay stuck in your comfort zone or go for it.

In relationships I’ve learned that love is a funny thing.  It isn’t just about that “all wrapped up in a butterflies in your stomach, over the top Ferris Wheel, falling in love kind of feeling. It is leaning on each other in the good and the bad times. Growing older but still seeing the beauty in staying. It’s still having a few fights but not wanting to pack your bags every time you do. It’s caring about each other with unselfish fortitude and doing things the other wants to do and giving freedom without guilt trips when they want to go do something without you. It is supporting their dreams and getting behind ourselves. And realizing that a supportive spouse is about as HOT as it can gets! And it is wanting to be together while sometimes doing nothing at all. And it is appreciating things in each other that you may have missed along the way. Things that have always been right at the core of why you’ve stayed.

I’ve learned that our kids are small for such a short time. That in the blink of an eye, they will be adults with thoughts and opinions of their own. That we have a tiny window to insert the values that we want them to carry with them. That they learn by not our words, but by our actions. Not by what we tell them, but what we show them. And in the end, it is their choice what to take with them and how well we packed those metaphoric suitcases for them.

I’ve learned that life is short. Time is fleeting. Love is more than a feeling. And only we can choose who we want to be. God has given us all free choice. In believing in HIM and believing in ourselves. I know people in my life who have given up on both. And I have learned through all my choices… never to give up on God or myself or the people I love and that everything is worth it in the end.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’ve gotta get back to work!


(My new art studio/study my hubby made for me!)

abcgarage saws

My garage workshop my husband also set up for me!

abc scarecrows at reminisce

(A start…. My Welcome Folk… Porch Dolls)

33 thoughts on “Like Blowing Bubbles

  1. Your writings are a blessing. I’m a coastal grandma whose writing area is also in my art studio. Even though that room is where I spend most of my time, I frequently procrastinate on writing my book and on my blogs. It’s too easy for me to delve into reading a new book rather than writing on my own book. I relate to a number of your blog posts. Fifteen – twenty years ago I also had a line of cards displaying my artwork, paintings and photography. I’ve done a wide array of artwork professionally but my heart is in oil painting. I look forward to more of your blogs. Blessings!

    1. You are so sweet blue! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It is so nice to find other people out there with similar passions. I look forward to wandering through your blog as well.

  2. Wow! Diane! I forgot how much I love to read the things you write. Except for the part about where your studio is, I could have written the first paragraph of this post. I’ve continued to write, but it’s been a challenge, and mostly what I’ve done is re-write a lot of my old stuff. I came across one of your posts–I re-blogged it four years ago–and came to see what you were up to. What is it? Something in the air? A product of the times we live in? I know of so many that are going through this transition–not writing, not writing as much–but still here , like embers in a long kept fire that refuse to die. Today, I’m going to use a paragraph from that piece I came across, and I will link my post to your blog and that post (My Strength). It’s special–especially the first paragraph–and as is typical with your posts, it pulls me in with the first paragraph. I could go on babbling, but I’ll leave you with a thank you and some encouragement: Never give up!

    1. Wow (((((Charles))))) Hugs!!!!
      What inspiring words to wake up to. I am so blessed to have a friendship such as yours. Even though our worlds have only crossed with our words, in the end those are going to be some of the pieces of ourselves that we can leave here that are most powerful.
      Thank you so much my friend. You have truly made my day.

      1. So good to hear from you! Even though a lot of my posts are re-writes/re-runs, I think you’ll like what I’ve been doing. I’ve resorted to memes in many cases, because it seems most people have short attention spans, so I try to give them a good shot quickly. Things are swinging back around for me, and I am looking forward to getting back into the “game”. It’s a long story, and I won’t bore you with it, but keep your eye on the blog and you’ll see it as it unfolds. One of the things happening is in a recent post: Just A Boy. Here I go babbling again. Sorry! Just glad to “see” you again.

    1. Hey Paul,
      I’m trying! Obviously not hanging out here enough! Just saw this! Was going to post and saw that I had a comment and it was from YOU!xoxo

  3. Wow Di – your dolls have a magical expression, they seem to capture what you are saying in this blog and reflect it to us. I understand what you are saying about the writing. I have moments of clarity that seem to evaporate as quickly as tears. Always good to hear from you!

    1. Thank you Peter!!
      I am sorry I have been out of touch for so long. But you guys are so loyal and I appreciate my true supporters like you! And all here who keep supporting me, no matter how long in-between is! ❤️️❤️️

  4. In case you didn’t know.. I am so proud of you! And in case you missed it you rock! Your crafts are adorable.. much like their creator! Keep doing what your doing! ❤

  5. What beautiful spaces you and your husband have created — and what beautiful thoughts, words, dreams, vision and ideas you’ve shared.

    I was thinking of you the other day Di — and was going to write — I want to set up an Etsy store — you’d mentioned it ot me a couple of times — if you haven’t seen my She Persisted series — I want to sell cards etc. and thought of you. ( )

    It is so lovely you’ve come back to visit! Hugs

    1. Louise!!!!
      I saw some of your work recently but just went and took a visit there again. Oh my!!!! YOU my dear are going to be famous. You’ve got what it takes… a BRAND. I am so excited to see how well you do! The trick is to get the clear bags to seal your envelopes in. If you do a half a page size 5 1/2″ the bag size would be 5 15/16 X 8 3/4 I get my bags at item # B59PC
      You fold your card and then put it open inside the bag and seal it with the envelope. I assume your cards will be blank since your message is on the outside? But if not, just take note when placing the envelope in to not cover the message.
      So awesome. I am so proud of you. YOU have come a long way!

  6. Dear Costalmom, sometimes a person just needs that ‘break-away’ from writing in order to ‘refresh’ their brain. (just decide to trust your Heart that out Father God led you to take that ‘break.’

    I have developed a cataract as a result of having an eye-cancer sugery performed last April, 2016. Now, I am scheduled to have TWO surgeries spaced two weeks apart,. The first surgery, May 8 2017, is to remove the cataract in my right eye. The second surgery will be May 22, 2017 to equalize the vision, in my left eye. (my uncorrected vision is 9.0 and 9.5 – so vision OVER 3.0 REQUIRES that second-eye surgery.) Make sense? (maybe researding on Goggle will clarify.)
    (basically, I’m kind of a ‘perfectionist’ in publishing my writing and I would strongly prefer for it to be free of errors. Right now, when I edit/proof my writing, I 1auestion myself: “is that a comma, or a period?”, “is this a number one, or an exclamation point?”

    As Arnold Swartzeneger says, ” … I’ll be Back!!!” Jennifer K. Lewis

    1. Jen,
      I will be praying for you! You are so strong and I pray that God heals you perfectly! I had a blocked ear and couldn’t hear for almost a month out of my right ear. When it was fixed, I wanted to go up to everyone and tell them that “I can hear!” lol. So my heart goes out to you. When one of our senses goes. Especially seeing as a writer, that has to be so hard. I have a huge lighted magnifying glass (the kind esthetician use for facials etc..). by my sewing machine to do certain things that my husband bought me on amazon. Maybe that would help you?
      Thanks for being ever so faithful and reading and not forgetting me!

  7. “The trick is… to realize that there is no expiration date on your dream.”
    That’s a big one! It took me just over six years to complete those devotionals on my website (Branches) and they morphed 2-3 times before they were finished.
    And I get the bubbles metaphor, too. If I don’t finish I post when I first get the idea, the bubble is popped and I forget entirely what I was going to say. (sigh)
    For me, the key is to take each day – each step, each word – as it comes. I rely on the Spirit to guide me, and when a new “in-Spir-ation” comes, I flow with it instead of chastising myself for losing the previous bubble. It’s all a journey, and it’s really the journey that counts.

  8. I’m so glad to find you here in the blogging world again. And by the looks of this post (and by the reading of it) you haven’t lost your touch at all. Your words are wise and sure and….confident. And I agree with every thought. Looks like your HOT man is supporting you in wonderful ways. I’m lucky – my hot guy does too. xoxox

    1. We are blessed! Thank you for checking in. I know I lose my readers when I am away but love the loyal ones that stay anyway! Thanks for the encouraging words.
      Love to see your smiling face!

  9. Your opening paragraph describes so much of my own blogging these days. A thought pops up, an idea for a blog post, and then “poof” it’s gone.

    Enjoy your new writing space. It’s interesting how environment can impact writing. When I first started, we only had a desk top in the room we turned into an office. It’s next to the family room. I had to go in there to write and I did for a couple of months, but it pulled me away from my family at a time when my kids were young and fun and there was always things going on with them. I stopped after a couple of months and then picked it up again once I got a laptop. i could take that with me wherever they were. In the backyard while they swam. Out front, while they ran around with their friends. In the family room, while they watched TV and played. I did a lot of writing on that laptop in their presence.

    After about ten years of that, I lost the ability to do that. I haven’t quite got there, but I think I need a dedicated space for writing. Like your new room. But, yeah, I could see the walk and prep time being a road block as well. Hmmm….

    Sounds like you’ve had a few wrinkles in life the last few months. But it also sounds like you’ve smoothed them out and learned in the process.

    1. Loved hearing your writing history and process. Yeah it’s been interesting… trying to make it before the door closes and I have to get more serious about things. Keeping my eyes open on both sides of the fence, if something comes up, I’m open. Though, at first it wasn’t my choice the way things happened, but now that the window has opened… I reeeally want to work for myself again. So am taking a bigger shot than might have been able too without the time I’ve been given!

  10. What a cool work space. I know you love it. Thanks for catching up. I loved to read your thoughts. They are good reminders for all of us. Now get back to writing “your book”! :>)

    1. LOL. Steve. So good to see you! I have really taken a powder here. Thanks for always being so loyal. It is nice to be back! I will try to oil the rusty gears and start visiting you guys more!

  11. A room of your own – it’s beautiful. I can see how the walk through the outdoors though would be off putting in the colder months for sure, but man, I’d love to have my own writing studio. As it stands, I am tucked in whatever corner I can find in the house, lol.

    1. Thanks! Yeah especially in the early hours when I used to get up to write. Before, I always had my computer inside and when I had an art studio before, it was separate. Hubby and I traded and I gave him the home office. It works better for me though because my saws etc… are in the garage and I need my printer etc… in my studio to work on my greeting cards.
      Where I live, in the summer, it can still be in the forties at night and early hours and can warm up to over 100 in the day. But I’m set up with heaters and A/C and insulation.
      Thanks for reading! I’ve missed checking in here!

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