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I’ve been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. My what? Where?! Yikes! What’s it doing there?? I do. I know. I always have. I used to think that it was a good thing. I mean what you see is what you get. Right?

But seriously, as I get older, I am beginning to understand why that might not be the greatest idea anymore. Sometimes you have more power  when not everyone know what you are thinking and God forbid that you are so honest to let everyone know your feelings.

I heard someone say that they get up everyday and just decide to be happy. To find the joy in everything. Even the bad stuff. It kind of gets me excited to believe that is even possible. Heck, I can just at least try it. Okay sooo I will report back tomorrow and meet you here to tell you how it went!

6 thoughts on “Wiping Away That Heart On My Sleeve

  1. I have read and reread your last two postings, and have some strong thoughts about them. I was hesitant about posting them here, but have no other option.
    In your first post, you speak of disappointment and outrage, and not knowing where to go with those feelings. Let me speak to that. I believe those types of feelings are not only genuine, but fairly common, and certainly fodder to feed a blog post, but only after they’ve had a chance to simmer down and allow the outrage to become just a strong feeling that you need to get off your chest. I find most of my own blog posts have been based upon some strong feelings that I had no other outlet for, but have had a bit of time to calm down, analyze them, and then get them on “paper”. Getting it written down makes it feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

    Also, before I write it down, sometimes during, as I sort of let my thoughts flow through my fingers, and as I’ve mentioned a number of times, “I can’t wait to write this down so I can see what I have had to say.” As long as I’ve thought it through and made sure what I’ve said is factual, based on truth and/or my own personal experience, I tend to write it down. I don’t typically throw rocks at anyone else unless it’s political, and then I let loose a bit. I have read a few of your posts, and you are an exceptional writer, with a gift for getting your point across. I have never seen anyone else’s blog with as many followers, and I wish I had your talent. I haven’t read anything you’ve said that I can see any reason for feeling guilty. I don’t see any reason to even consider “giving up”. Personally, I think your blog postings are the highlights of many people’s day, and that alone is reason enough to continue with what you do.

    Occupying that kind of position wherein you have a positive influence on so many people’s lives is a fairly heavy responsibility, and one that deserves to be continued. However, that much influence carries with it a lot of responsibility to be fair, non-aggressive, and even handed. I’d advise considering the impact of the post on others, especially if that “other” happens to be someone who might take offense at any criticism they might detect in your post.

    On the subject of “wearing your heart on your sleeve,” I haven’t read enough of your posts to verify whether there’s any truth to that or not, but assuming that it is, it’s easy enough to cure. Rather than expose all your feelings, it’s good to maintain a bit of mystery in your public persona. You don’t want to be too predictable.

    Regarding getting up in the morning with a decision to just be happy, that’s a great idea. Is it easy to do? I think we all differ, mostly because of our personalities. I have been criticized for being too cheerful in the mornings. Consider this: Wake up in the morning and compare your situation with those of others that you know an those you know of. Where are you on the overall scale of things? I’ll bet you will find that there are literally thousands of folks you know about that are seriously worse off than you are, by any measure. That might be depressing at first glance, but when you see you really have no reason to not be happy, it can be encouraging. I know folks who seem to concentrate on the negative aspects of everything, but when I point out to them the vast number of people who are homeless, out of a job, standing in line for a free meal somewhere, or other circumstances too numerous to mention, and compare their own situation, all of a sudden it doesn’t seem so bad. It might make you aware that you might be called to help mitigate the circumstances of someone else, but that’s not a bad thing.

    I reiterate, you’re a talented lady, and I wish I had that kind of talent. All I have is nearly 79 years of life experience and an excellent memory. I can draw on that, and share those experiences. But I cannot create out of whole cloth the talent you have. Please don’t deprive us of your future endeavors. I enjoy reading your posts every time a new one comes out. I hope to see a more cheerful note in the next one I see.

    1. I’ve been meaning to get back to my comments here and go to work a little later today so have a bit of time to devote here. Thank you so much for your time in both reading and commenting. No gift is better – as a writer! xoxo And THIS comment is like gold to me! So much to absorb!!
      I think that I use my writing as a form of journaling. I go back and reread a lot of stuff especially 2013 and earlier, which was the core of a lot of my turmoil that inspired this blog. I reconnected from someone from my past asking for forgiveness that resulted in a journey together that distupted my current life in a way that still effects my daily thoughts. In certain ways I don’t regret what happened except that it hurt people in my life, today. It gave me a closure that I needed from my past, because a lot of what happened back then made me the person that I am. But closure isn’t a great word to describe it because it is still in my head. And I guess I am still angry. The relationship had some abuse in it and the reconnection did as well… but only emotionally. A lot of my poetry still explores the anger. I have another blog http://www.kerisjournal.wordpress.com
      that kind of explains it more… A book that I wanted to write to help young girls not make the same mistakes I did. It has been sitting there for a few years now. Maybe just writing it helped me more than anyone else. Since that blog, I have read and reread and ripped apart and edited it and waited for the inspiration I had when I started it. The premise was the original template for my daugher to seek a mate that was slow to anger and she did and is living happily ever after. If my experience was only to teach her then I am good. But you are wise and you read between the lines! I love that we connected and I value your wisdom. Thank you!!!

    1. Ahhh Steve,
      I hope your funk is about over by now that I’ve taken so long to get back here! In-between working, I’ve been cleaning and clearing out and spring cleaning in the fall! So saw comments popping up and forgot to come back here. But I think that in taking the advice of a wise friend… just realizing my own version of happy compared to others… helps… Even if lots of not great stuff is happening, there are hidden blessings in everything. Not to say I won’t be stuck in a funk again… but realizing that I’ve been taught to be negative and that it might not be so organic as I once thought… it might just be a matter of thinking different!!!! So far… it is working!
      Praying for you my friend!

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