woman by tree praying

I remember the pain I was in

when I was just a girl

crying girl

already hurt by broken things

in the corners of my world.

angles on light

Though I always seemed to find HIM

in those earlier days

summer camp

on lots of mountain top highs

where we’d lift our hands in praise.

teens praising God2

And even though I did some backsliding

girl lost in the woods

I always found power in HIS name

baptism of Jesus

And through HIS blood upon a hill

I am forever changed!

clouds and redeemer

Diane Reed


29 thoughts on “Forever Changed

  1. Absolutely beautiful…. can’t think of words that would praise it as much as I like it! 😀 Beautifully done!

  2. This is just beautiful and so uplifting!!!!! I can relate to it so very much. Thank you for sharing it!

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  3. Thanks for giving me a new idea to speak out my heart- via an impeccable romance of images with poetry. Hopefully, I too will try to come up with any such creation soon.

  4. Glory Hallelujah! He brings about the best and brightest change of all!! So grateful for His love!

  5. That’s really lovely. The words flow just right and the pictures are absolutely perfect. I assume you already know that you would be a gifted greeting card writer, although “greeting card” as a term is an insult to what you can do with these shorter works. Breathtaking.

    1. Thank you Jim.
      How funny you would think I would take it as an insult. I had (guess I still kind of have) a greeting card line that I wrote and illustrated for over twenty years.
      I thought you knew that about me or I mentioned it somewhere on this blog. But here is a sample from my etsy store on the link below.
      That is how Rose In The Woods (our store) started. My husband, Jim was helping me and found this process called sublimation so that we could print my words and illustrations onto mugs and tiles, clocks, boxes…etc… in the end you know what they say about the shoemaker’s children has no shoes….other artists ended up wanting him to sublimate their items on different things so he moved across the street and we expanded the gift shop. At first I was only going to put my cards in my shop but how stupid would that have been? The card sales in my shop alone paid the rent! So greeting cards are not an insult at all.
      I have over 300 cards I have offered. But here is a few for you to peek at: (Just click on the card to read the verse.)

    1. You know what I always say… tears are the best complement ever!
      So thank you my friend!
      Funny, this was going to go a whole different way but somehow I guess it was meant to be just short and simple.

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