I’ve been traveling a long time with my past and It hasn’t been easy to keep lugging all those suitcases around everywhere I go!  I’ve come to realize that not everyone I started out with, will end the journey with me. Just recently, this reminder has been made crystal clear for me. I guess that I never stopped to understand; just how short life really is! I’ve learned that the only ONE that I can really count on to be there from start to finish is The Lord. And as I’ve grown older, the more comforting that has become.

I’ve also learned that survivor’s guilt is very real, and wondered why I’ve been left behind. What am I supposed to do? Does God have a plan for my life? Is it my responsibility to discover the opportunities He has for me? I know the answers.  I have been given a gift in this reality check,  and with all that knowledge I’ve come to some new conclusions… You don’t need permission to grow or to unpack or just leave those old suitcases behind and move on and you don’t ever have to feel guilty for living your life authentically your way.

typed to be continued

When I started this blog, I titled  it “The One Thing I know For Sure” and periodically I’ve shared daily, weekly and sometimes just monthly, depending upon my schedule. Sometimes, I’ve come here to share my snippets of self-proclaimed wisdom. And all that I feel that I’ve learned throughout this journey that I’ve been on. For after all, you hopefully can’t live over a half a century without learning a few lessons right? So now here I am again sharing  some more “stuff”….

words of dreams

I’ve learned that God does not punish you for your past sins. He just forgives. WE punish our selves by not letting go.

Jesus hem

I’ve learned that Letting go is like getting a third lung! You can finally really breathe again!


Ive learned that no amount of guilt can change the past.

lonley girl on rocks

Ive learned that it’s just as hard to let go sometimes as it is to hold on.

silhouette of hands

I’ve learned that it is okay to love & forgive someone, without wanting to spend time with them.

sad woman

I’ve learned that silence is sometimes the best response.


I’ve learned that we never stop caring, nor can we force others to care.

floor crying girl

I’ve learned to not look back because I will only trip on where I AM going!


I’ve learned that when you realize your kids are a lot like you, you will never really know if the ambivalent feelings you’re feeling are more pride or fear!

mother and daughter hands black and white

I’ve also learned that a mom is only happiest as her unhappiest child.


I’ve learned that a spiritual man is pretty darn hot!

praying man on his kneespraying handspraying man with hand lifted

I’ve learned that Loyalty rules, and that forgiveness trumps anything I thought I ever really wanted.

praying couple's hands

I’ve learned that a negative mind will never give you a positive life.

crying in bed

I’ve learned that I have spent too much time in the past, not enough in the present and that one of my biggest flaws is that I always have to have something to look forward to!

airline tickets

I have learned that “Though honey is a very good thing, that there is something about right before you taste the honey, that is almost as good as when you do!” (Winnie The Pooh) ©

winnie the pooh in the honey hive

And I’ve learned that the less suitcases you carry with you through life, the faster you can get to what comes next!

suitcase pile2

Diane Reed 2015 ©

38 thoughts on “The things I know for sure.

  1. You know what I’ve learned in this life, Di ? The only thing I know for sure is that I really have a lot more to learn…, even at this late date. Hugs !

    1. Liz,
      What an amazingly sweet comment to wake up to! I have been wandering around your blog and feel you should have thousands of followers! Your writing is addictive!

  2. Such beautiful wisdom. I have a son who finally at 31 has found a wonderful woman, whom he loves; has a decent job, (though he is ashamed that he isn’t doing something different) but he is on the road to happiness. I feel such a relief and joy for him. Your words hit home so beautifully. God bless you my online friend. Hugs!

  3. Can’t tell you how much I love this! I have worked on accepting God’s grace and not punishing myself for my past sins… so it was comforting to know I’m not the only one who has struggled there! And yes, yes, yes to all of the rest 🙂

  4. Ah Dear Diane, You share the truth, and it is a great feeling when we learn these things. Yet we often need the reminders, as I do need them. Thanks. I wrote about Letting Go when I learned to do just that many years ago.

  5. What wisdom here! I can relate to them all, especially “a mom is only as happy as her unhappiest child.” I hope I said that right.

    Underlying it all is the theme of God’s grace, what I appreciate most about His character, next to Love

  6. Look how much you’ve learned my friend. Don’t look back. Keep walking forward and you will notice the miles you’ve put on as you continue on that path to positivity. xo 🙂

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