Brookie's shower

Can it be twenty five years ago that you came into this world,

My sweet little blue eyed precious baby girl?

You captured my heart from the moment we met!

The first time I held you… well, I will never forget.

Brookie Baby pointing

You overwhelmed me with love at the very start

and through the years you have captured my heart

You have made me laugh and entertained us from the beginning

With you in our lives we were constantly grinning

Brookie Baby snorting

You’ve taken on life with all of your might

When you take on a project you fight the good fight

You finish it through to the very end

And then you get up to do it all over again

Brookie played till she dropped!

You have a way of holding our hearts in the palm of your  hand

And when you believe in something, you take a firm stand

Your beauty has been evident from the very start

But what I am most proud of… is what’s in your heart!

photos 006

As a mama I could count all the things you have done,

counting to a thousand naming them each, one by one~

but it’s not just your talents  or the way that you shine,

even though I’m constantly  boasting;   the fact that you’re mine…


It’s inside your heart and the faith that we share,

it’s the way that your joy makes you cry when you care~

It’s your kindness and love that you have towards others,

That makes me so proud that I am your mother!

Brookie and Jas

And so as I sift  through the memories today,

trying to wish you Happy Birthday in “our” own little way~

I marvel at it all, for I know, in the end,

Twenty five years ago, I made my very own Best Friend!


Happy Birthday Brookie Baby!

Yore Mama Loves You!!!!

Brookie and PapaBrookie Blue eyesimg050Brookie Baby bathtimePUB 1img071Brookie & Britney on the swings

Brookie at her Daddy's company picnic01p019Brookester and ChadlyBROOKIE IN APPLE DRESS BEING A GOOD SPORT... SHE HATED THIS DRESS!

img172File003501p065Brookie braids01p039File0042Jim and Brookie baby

img234img065Brookie and her mamaBrookie fishing with Dad and GrandpaBrookie and her daddy with baby JasFile0025Copy of brooke and danielle1BROOKIE SENIOR PIC6flags! 006DSCN0854img2175-1-20106-47-46PMbrookieeee05401p099Brookie and her dadbrookie's indiebrookie

Hey, Brookie,

I just wanted to thank you for being my kid, my hero, my advisor and my very best friend.

You inspire me. You make me want to be better. I am so proud of your accomplishments!

Today, I just have to stop and breathe and realize that God protected you on that day of the earthquake so many years ago, (can it be almost ten?)  as

angels gathered around the place where you stood as our store was crunched  along with the car where you asked to wait in.

We can’t not believe! He has great things in store for you! I BELIEVE that you are going to change the world! Perhaps just one by one in the people

near you or in a much bigger way than we can even imagine. It was so hard to let you go, five years ago when you left our little town to go find your

dream. But you are doing it! Just like that little girl who I would find asleep ON her pile of toys…. you do everything with a ghusto! And I can’t wait to

see what you do next!

May God bless your life and may this year bring answered prayers and dreams come true.

I love you my sweet girl and very best friend~

Happy Birthday!



31 thoughts on “Happy 25th Birthday To My Brookie Baby!

    1. Ahhh Thank you! I am so impressed that you figured out how to make your link! I am touched that you took time to browse around here as well! Ya know how I am pushing my blog and all. LOL. :/ 😉

      1. I was confused because it said I needed moderation for so long you know im used to that LOL that I thought I did something wrong . I was listed under sallam 2013 cause I tried to set up a blog last year so I changed it to sallam 2014 went to my night came back opened up my email and here we are I joke with my husband about celebrities etc that are over 50and look great. I say she looks that good its disgusting jokingly the others would take me seriously I would definitely say that about you you look great and brookie looks just ike you

  1. You looked adorable pregnat! And of course your daughter is stunning like her mom! I pray that my relationship with Alexandra continues to involve into a beautiful and loving one like the one you two share. God bless our March babies!!

  2. How beautiful your relationship with your beautiful daughter reminds me of mines with my mommy, who passed in 2006 with cancer. I miss hearing her voice everyday I just wish I could have had so many more years. My son was only 2 when my mother left our sight, I am the oldest of 4 and my mother and I where so close so close. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of what we would have been doing. God bless you and your beautiful daughters friendship I can see the love.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your heart. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my daddy too young. My son was only 3 when he died. No one can ever replace our lost loved ones but God is great and He does provide others who will love us until we get to all meet once again! I have wonderful grandparents that have blessed my kids. I grieve for the ones they didn’t get to know but God is good. May your life be filled with new love for you and your children as God gifts you with new hearts and many years together!

      1. Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt words. Your message really touched me right where I needed it to, you may where a smile all the time but no one knows the pain that’s behind the smile, but we have a loving Savior that knows it all!

        Thank God He sent you today

    1. Gracias Marta! I was able to translate and yes this is my daughter! Thank you for always being such a loyal reader!
      You have a beautiful Sunday too!

  3. That brought a lump to my throat. You will have this for all time; a record of the love between you for your grandchildren and their children. Completely awesome! You have so much love in your heart; enough for the whole world I think, and I love that you can share it with us!

    1. You are such a sweetie! Thank you! Lumps in throats are the highest forms of compliments! 😉
      So glad to see you again! That little glitch was crazy! Glad you spoke up! In one more week, I will be back to regular blogging and will go check out yours more! I promise!

  4. Many more happy birthdays to your daughter Brooke and God bless you all. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family — loved it. Such a blessing to still have her life energy still here with us in this world after the store and car crunch. She’s a miracle!

      1. You’re truly welcome Diane. I can understand the love of your daughter and how precious she is to you. I almost lost my oldest daughter at least 4 times that I know of and treasure her — she says she keeps her angels busy. I treasure our daughters and family. It’s what makes life worth living and why I believe we’re here.

        I’m going over to your other site ( and check it out too. We’re very much alike Diane is wanting to share what’s on our hearts and the lessons we’ve learned with the hope it will touch one person and help them in some way.

  5. Thanks for sharing your love … for your child … sharing your pride and your happiness over her … wonderful birthday present. Good luck to, Brookie, with rest of her life. Because I’m maybe too late for the birthday wish.

  6. Love reading your love to your sweet girl!!! You are both amazing women and I am blessed to love you both!!!xoxox

    1. You are amazing as well. I was searching for pics of you and her at your wedding and I don’t have a single one!
      I miss you Adrienne, we need a carch up date! I love you honey! !

    1. Anka Thank you! You are right! She will always be my baby! Though sometimes she seems older than me in much of her wisdom! Loved your sweet comments! Thank you for the wishes! I am sure she will come back and read them!

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